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Collection Inside an American Factory: Films of the Westinghouse Works, 1904

The Westinghouse Machine Co.

Organized in 1881, the Westinghouse Machine Company was devoted primarily to the manufacture of gas and steam engines, turbines and mechanical stokers. The main works were located at East Pittsburgh at a property covering nearly 50 acres. With a working floor space of 20.4 acres, the company employed approximately 3,500 men by 1905.

Some of the company's most notable products were the Westinghouse-Parsons steam turbines in various sizes, the Westinghouse-Corliss steam engines, the Westinghouse gas engines, Marine type steam engines and high speed single-acting steam engines.

Motor-Driven Air Compressor

The uses of this type of equipment were vast. For example, gas engines were used to power interurban railways in Jamestown, NY, and to power a fire service pumping station. Steam engines were used frequently by the railway industry and could be found in the service plants of Boston Terminal Station, the Pennsylvania Union Station in Pittsburgh, and the Union Station in St. Louis. Steam turbines from Westinghouse were also used for the Manhattan Railway in New York.

(Sources for photos and information: The Westinghouse Companies in the Railway & Industrial Fields, 1905)