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Collection Inside an American Factory: Films of the Westinghouse Works, 1904


  • 1846

    George Westinghouse born.

  • 1865

    George Westinghouse obtains first patent for rotary steam engine.

  • 1869

    George Westinghouse receives patent for the air brake. Westinghouse Air Brake Company organized with George Westinghouse as president. 9-hour workday and 55-hour workweek instituted.

  • 1871

    Company institutes Saturday half-holiday.

  • 1872

    Automatic air brake invented.

  • 1878

    First foreign air brake company started at Sevran, France.

  • 1881

    Westinghouse Machine Company formed. The Westinghouse Brake Company, Ltd., in London, England, founded.

  • 1882

    Union Switch and Signal Company organized.

  • 1884

    The Westinghouse Brake Company, Ltd., in Hanover, Germany, founded.

  • 1886

    Westinghouse Electric Company, later known as the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, formed.

  • 1889

    Ground broken for air brake factory at Wilmerding, PA.

  • 1890

    Westinghouse began manufacture of electric railway motors.

  • 1893

    Westinghouse Electric company lights Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

  • 1895

    Main works for Electric and Manufacturing Company built in East Pittsburgh.

  • 1896

    Generators built by Westinghouse turn the waters of Niagara Falls into electric power.

  • 1898

    Westinghouse Company, Ltd., in St Petersburg, Russia organized.

  • 1899

    The British Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, Ltd., formed in London, England, with another plant in Manchester.

  • 1901

    Societe Anonyme Westinghouse organized with offices in Paris, and works in Le Havre and Freinville. The Westinghouse Electricitats-Actiengesellschaft organized in Berlin.

  • 1903

    Canadian Westinghouse Company, Ltd., founded. Relief Department (disability benefits, medical and surgical services) founded.

  • 1904

    The American Mutoscope & Biograph Co. films motion pictures of the Westinghouse Works. Louisiana Purchase Exposition held in St. Louis--Westinghouse Co. displays several large exhibits, holds screenings of the AM&B films, and supplies power generators and equipment for the exposition's service plant.

  • 1905

    Electrification of the Manhattan Elevated Railways and the New York subway system.

  • 1907

    George Westinghouse loses control of his companies.

  • 1911

    George Westinghouse severs all ties with his companies.

  • 1914

    George Westinghouse dies.

  • 1918

    George Westinghouse receives his last patent, 4 years after his death.

(Portions of this time-line appeared in 75th Anniversary of the Westinghouse Air Brake Company, 1944. Additional entries have been included for the purposes of this project.)

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