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Collection Food and Foodways Web Archive

About this Collection

The scope of the Food and Foodways collection of archived websites is broad, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of food studies. The collection provides an inclusive space for food-related sites proposed by nominators from a wide spectrum of subject areas and specialties.

Because food intersects with our lives in so many ways, this collection includes sites that relate to food through a variety of lenses, including culture, science, history, policy, health, business, agriculture, and technology.

The sites represent various organizations and non-profits, government agencies, and food-related projects–as well as food bloggers and individual chefs, scholars, educators and farmers. Websites in the collection focus on food systems, recipes, food history, food waste, sustainability, foodways of various diaspora and geographic areas–and more.

Collection Period: May 2018 to present (this is an ongoing archive).

Frequency of Collection: The majority of sites in the collection were targeted for capture monthly or quarterly, with fewer sites targeted for capture twice-yearly or once.

Languages: Collection material in English, with French and Spanish.

Acquisition Information: Sites have been added incrementally since the project began and will continue to be added as they are identified.

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