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Collection Frederick Douglass Papers at the Library of Congress

Family Tree

Isaac Bailey

married Betsey Bailey

Harriet Bailey, their daughter

her son (by an unknown man):

Frederick Douglass

married Anna Murray Douglass (first wife)

The Douglasses' five children:

  1. Rosetta Douglass (1839-1906)

    married Nathan Sprague

    Frederick Douglass's seven grandchildren: the Spragues

    • Annie Rosine Sprague Norris
    • Harriet Bailey Sprague
    • Alice Louise Sprague
    • Estelle Irene Sprague Weaver
    • Fredericka Douglass Sprague Perry
    • Herbert Douglass Sprague
    • Rosebelle Mary Sprague Jones
  2. Lewis Henry Douglass (1840-1908)

    married Helen Amelia Loguen

    No Children

  3. Frederick Douglass Jr. (1842-1892)

    married Virginia Hewlett

    Frederick Douglass's seven grandchildren: the Douglasses

    • Frederick Aaron Douglass
    • Jean Hewlett Douglass
    • Lewis Henry Douglass
    • Maud Ardelle Douglass
    • Charles Paul Douglass
    • Gertrude Paul Douglass
    • Robert Small Douglass
  4. Charles Remond Douglass (1844-1920)

    A. married Mary Elizabeth Murphy

    Frederick Douglass's six grandchildren: the Douglasses

    • Charles Frederick Douglass
    • Joseph Henry Douglass
    • Annie Elizabeth Douglass
    • Julia Ada Douglass
    • Mary Louise Douglass
    • Edward Douglass

    B. married Laura Antoinette Haley

    Frederick Douglass's one grandchild, Douglass

    • Haley George Douglass
  5. Annie Douglass (1849-1860)

Frederick Douglass

married Helen Pitts (second wife)

they had no children.

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