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Collection Frederick Law Olmsted Papers

The Olmsted Family

Brief identification of selected individuals in the genealogy of Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr.

John Olmsted (1791-1873)
Charlotte Law Hull (1800-1826) married John Olmsted in June 1821. The young mother of two died due to an overdose in 1826.
The children born to John and Charlotte Law Olmsted were Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903) and John Hull Olmsted (1825-1857).
Mary Ann Bull (1801-1894) became the second wife of John Olmsted in April 1827.
The children born to John and Mary Ann Olmsted were Charlotte, Mary, Owen, Bertha, Ada, and Albert Olmsted.
John Hull Olmsted married Mary Cleveland Perkins (1830-1921) in 1851.
Nephews and niece
The children born to John Hull Olmsted and Mary Cleveland Perkins Olmsted were:
John Charles Olmsted (1852-1920)
Charlotte Olmsted (1855-1908)
Owen Frederick Olmsted (1857-1881)
Frederick Law Olmsted married his brother's widow, Mary Cleveland Perkins Olmsted, in 1859
In marrying Mary, Frederick Law Olmsted, took on the role of father to her children, his nephews John Charles Olmsted and Owen Frederick Olmsted, and niece Charlotte Olmsted [Bryant].
The children born to Frederick Law Olmsted and Mary Cleveland Perkins Olmsted were:
John Theodore Olmsted (born and died 1860)
Marion Olmsted (1861-1948)
Infant son (born and died 1866)
Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. (1870-1957) (known as "Rick")