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    Claudii Ptolemei viri Alexandrini mathematice discipline phil...
    Geographie opus nouissima traductione e Grecorum archtypis castigatissime pressum, ceteris ante lucubratorum multo prestantius | Geographie opus novissima traductione e Grecorum archetypis castigatissime pressum, ceteris ante lucubratorum multo prestantius | Geographi[a]e opus nouissima traductione e Gr[a]ecorum archtypis castigatissime pressum, c[a]eteris ante lucubratorum multo pr[a]estantius
    Jacopo d'Angelo's Latin translation from the Greek of Ptolemy's Geographia. "This edition was commenced by ... Martin Waltzemüller ... about the year 1505 ... Mathias Ringmann ... was also employed on the work. The modern maps were prepared by Waltzemüller, and most of them--perhaps all--engraved as early as 1507. The completion of the text, however, was delayed; and in 1508 all of the material...
    • Contributor: Ptolemy - D'angelo, Jacopo - Ringmann, Matthias - Essler, Jaco - Übelin, Georg - Waldseemüller, Martin - John Boyd Thacher Collection (Library of Congress) - Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1513

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