Introduction to the Diaries of George Washington

Essays on the roles that diaries played in revealing the everyday life and affairs of Washington.

  • Washington as a Diarist Washington had his own definition of a diary:'Where & How my Time is Spent.' He accounts for his time because, like his lands, his time is a usable resource. It can be tallied and its usefulness appraised.
  • The Worlds of Washington Despite ongoing links with the great outside world, Washington felt happiest within his neighborhood, bounded on the south by the James River and on the north by the Potomac.
  • Washington and the New Agriculture No theme appears more frequently in the writings of Washington than his love for the land--more precisely, his own land. His estate and those who inhabited it were his constant concern.
  • The Weather Watch Washington's preoccupation with the weather was clearly an extension of his needs and interests as a farmer.
  • History of the Diary Manuscripts Description of the years in which Washington kept diaries, their dispersal and loss, and a listing of the location of surviving diary manuscripts.