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Collection The Gerry Mulligan Collection

Jeru: In the Words of Gerry Mulligan

Gerry Mulligan

One of the most widely respected and admired jazz musicians of our time, Gerry Mulligan occupies a unique place in the American musical scene. As composer, arranger, performer and band leader, he has played a vital role in the history of modern jazz and contemporary music.

This unique set of spoken recordings, taped in 1995, came to the Library of Congress through the generosity of Gerry's wife, Franca R. Mulligan. Edited and excerpted from hours of material, this unique look into Mulligan's evolving musical career--from the "Birth of the Cool" recordings to the Pianoless Quartet to his Concert Jazz Band and beyond--gives us the chance to experience a very personal story of a man, musician, and innovator.

Please note: The written transcriptions have been edited for readability and do not match the spoken word at all times. All editorial changes were reviewed and approved by Mrs. Mulligan. The drawing of Gerry Mulligan (shown on the right) was created for the Gerry and Franca Mulligan Foundation External.