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  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    Turkestanskīĭ alʹbom
    Kun Collection
    4 albums (6 volumes) : albumen prints and watercolors ; 45 x 60 cm.
    • Contributor: Kaufman, Konstantin Petrovich Fon - Kun, A. L. - Bogaevskīĭ, N. V. - Turkestanskoe General-Gubernatorstvo (Russia). General-Gubernator
    • Date: 1872
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    Pennell collection. Drawings and paintings series
    Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Pennell collection. | Joseph Pennell drawings and paintings | Pennell drawings and paintings | Drawings and paintings in the Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Pennell collection Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Collection includes original drawings in diverse media by artist/illustrator Joseph Pennell (1857-1926), as well as 42 drawing sketchbooks and 68 paintings. Primary themes are land and cityscapes, and architectural and industrial subjects, primarily in the United States and Europe. Notable subjects include a rapidly-changing New York City from circa 1904-26, views of London and Italy including many published in books by Henry James, F....
    • Contributor: Pennell, Joseph
    • Date: 1865
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    Pennell collection
    Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Pennell collection | Joseph Pennell collection | Pennell collection | I. & E.R. Pennell-Whistler Collection Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    The Prints and Photographs Division has copies of virtually all of Pennell's published graphic works, approximately 1,885 prints. Included are his famous series on Philadelphia and the Panama Canal as well as "War Work in America," "War Work in England," and numerous depictions of industrial and urban scenes in Europe and America. The prints are listed in the fine prints card catalog and in...
    • Contributor: Pennell, Joseph - Pennell, Elizabeth Robins
    • Date: 1865
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    Liljenquist Family Collection (Library of Congress)
    Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Photographs (Library of Congress) | Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Ambrotypes and Tintypes (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    The majority of the ambrotypes and tintypes are portraits by unidentified photographers of Civil War soldiers, primarily Union soldiers, as well as some portraits of civilians, outdoor scenes, and copies of works of art. The collection also includes miscellaneous photographs including cartes de visite, manuscripts, ephemera, and objects acquired by the donor while building the collection of ambrotypes and tintypes.
    • Contributor: Liljenquist, Thomas Richard - Liljenquist, Jason George - Liljenquist, Brandon Paul - Liljenquist, Christian Blaine
    • Date: 1851
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    Books in the Engineering Societies Library Collection (Library of Congress)
    ESL Book Collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    ca. 600 items ; various sizes. | The estimated 600 book, serial, and pamphlet volumes collected by the Engineering Societies Library in New York City document the engineering profession as it developed in Europe and the United States. Sample titles indicate the range of the holdings: Dry dock, New York (1838); Heating by steam (1857); Industrial Drawing (1896); Manhattan Bridge (1909); Moderne Farben auf...
    • Date: 1796
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    HABS / HAER / HALS Collection
    Historic American Buildings Survey / Historic American Engineering Record / Historic American Landscapes Survey Collection | Built in America: Historic American Buildings Survey / Historic American Engineering Record / Historic American Landscapes Survey Collection | Architecture, Engineering, and Landscapes: Historic American Buildings Survey / Historic American Engineering Record / Historic American Landscapes Survey Collection Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    more than 600,000 items ; various sizes. | This collection documents more than 40,000 historic structures and sites through large-format photographs (b&w and color), measured drawings, and written historical reports. Additions are made each year. More detailed information is available in the descriptions for the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER), and the Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS).
    • Date: 1933
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    Architecture, design, and engineering drawing filing series (Library of Congress)
    ADE filing series (Library of Congress) | HABSI and HAERI collections Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    ca. 50,000 items : most b&w, some hand-colored ; various sizes. | Design drawings. This assemblage of 50,000 design drawings documents architectural and engineering projects throughout the world, but chiefly in the United States. Well known architects and engineers include Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Charles Bulfinch, Robert Fulton, and Cass Gilbert. The entire surviving archives of firms based in Washington, D.C., area are among the...
    • Date: 1750
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    Archive of Hispanic Culture (Library of Congress)
    Archive of Hispanic Culture photographic reference collection (Library of Congress) | Hispanic Culture Archive (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    ca. 12,113 photographic prints : b&w ; 10 x 8 in. or smaller. | ca. 3,481 slides : b&w and color ; 3.25 x 4 in. or smaller. | ca. 4,949 negatives : film and glass ; 10 x 8 in. or smaller. | Archive is comprised primarily of photographic prints documenting the architecture, facilities, fine arts and material culture, industry, people, social life...
    • Date: 1880
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    Art reproductions filing series (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available ca. 11,000 items (chiefly photographic and photomechanical prints) : b&w and color ; on gray mounts 46 x 36 cm. or smaller. | Reproductions of works of art from the 15th to 20th century. Emphasis is on paintings and on American works from the late 19th to mid 20th century.
    • Date: 1885
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    Herblock collection (Library of Congress)
    Herbert L. Block cartoon collection. | Herbert L. Block collection. | Block cartoon collection. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    ca. 101,000 items. | The archive features more than 14,000 original cartoon drawings from the first to the last years of Herbert Block's career as a pre-eminent editorial voice in American newspapers. The archive also has fragile unprocessed material for which special service arrangements are needed, including the preparatory sketches used to conceptualize his finished pieces and clippings and photographs.
    • Contributor: Block, Herbert
    • Date: 1930
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    Cabinet of American illustration collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available 3,966 items : chiefly drawings. | Drawings and other graphic representations by American illustrators for magazines, novels, children's books, and advertisements. Includes literary and editorial cartoons and illustrations, and poster sketches. Images reflect political, social, and economic conditions, domestic and family life, popular culture, and contemporary and historical events. Includes illustrations relating to World War I and the Spanish-American War. The subject headings on...
    • Contributor: Beard, Daniel Carter - Elliott, Elizabeth Shippen Green - Fogarty, Thomas - Frost, A. (Arthur Burdett) - Herford, Oliver - Rogers, W. A. (William Allen) - Smedley, W. T. (William Thomas) - Steele, Frederic Dorr - Wright, George Hand - Yohn, F. C. (Frederick Coffay)
    • Date: 1830
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    Case book collection for books with original prints and photographs (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available ca. 2,000 items ; various sizes. | Includes books and serials (bound volumes) that contain original visual materials such as engravings, woodcuts, lithographs, fine photogravures, and photographic prints. The illustrations are often the featured aspect of the work. Subject matter and country of origin vary widely. Representative examples include: The designs of Inigo Jones (1767); Suite de vues pittoresques des ruines de Pompǐi (1819);...
    • Date: 1550
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    Cartoon drawing filing series (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available ca. 9,500 items : chiefly drawings. | Contains original drawings and illustrations for political, editorial, and humorous cartoons published by international cartoonists in chiefly American newspapers, magazines, and books. Focus is on politics and government, international relations, with emphasis on United States relations with Russia and the Soviet Union, Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Cuba, Japan, and Italy; domestic affairs, including African American...
    • Contributor: Bartholomew, Charles Lewis - Berryman, Clifford Kennedy - Cesare, Oscar Edward - Conacher, John C. - Covarrubias, Miguel - Crockett, Gi - Frueh, Alfred Joseph - Harrington, Oliver W. (Oliver Wendell) - Johnson, Herbert - Kelly, Walt - Kirby, Rollin - Mahony, Felix - Mauldin, Bill - Muḥaṣṣiṣ, Ardashīr
    • Date: 1794
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    Daguerreotype photograph filing series (Library of Congress)
    Daguerreotype collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    735 photographs : daguerreotypes. | The majority of the daguerreotypes are portraits by American photographers, including many by Mathew Brady's studio and the first American daguerreotype, made by Robert Cornelius. The collection also includes some early architectural views, outdoor scenes, and copies of works of art. Portraits are primarily of men, chiefly politicians, but also artists, journalists, and entertainers. Some of the portraits are...
    • Contributor: Anson, Rufus - Brady, Mathew , Approximately - Cornelius, Robert - Washington, Augustus,821
    • Date: 1839
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    Master drawing filing series (Library of Congress)
    DRWG/MA filing series (Library of Congress) | Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Pennell collection. | Joseph Pennell drawings and paintings | Pennell drawings and paintings | Drawings and paintings in the Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Pennell collection Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    ca. 5.000 drawings : b&w and color ; various sizes. | The Master Drawings Collection offers works by artists of various nationalities. Although most of the images date from between 1830 and 1930, the oldest drawings were created before 1600 and the most recent in the 1950s. The collection represents diverse styles and media and includes finished artworks as well as sketches, preparatory drawings,...
    • Contributor: Pennell, Joseph
    • Date: 1500
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    Documentary drawing filing series (Library of Congress)
    Drawings (documentary) filing series (Library of Congress) | DRWG filing series (Library of Congress) | Civil War drawings collection (Library of Congress). | J. Pierpont Morgan collection of Civil War drawings (Library of Congress). Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    ca. 3,000 drawings : b&w and color ; various sizes. | This assemblage of documentary drawings features many eye-witness sketches made during the U.S. Civil War. Also included are topographical views, bank note vignettes, portraits, and courtroom sketches. A large group of Russian drawings show areas of China in the 1800s. Among the well-known artists represented by numerous works are William Birch, Howard Brodie,...
    • Date: 1750
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    Fine print filing series (Library of Congress)
    Cut in wood, the 5. chie masters, vol. VIII
    ca. 85,000 prints : most b&w, some color ; various sizes. | Collection includes prints created as art works. The bulk are by American printmakers and artists (e.g., Paul Revere, Mary Cassatt, Jim Dine, Joseph Pennell), but creators in many other countries are also represented (e.g., Albrecht Dürer and Marc Chagall). Subjects vary widely, for example, portraits, religious themes, historical events, and street scenes.
    • Contributor: Andreani, Andrea - Beccafumi, Domenico - Carpi, Ugo Da - Coriolano, Bartolomeo - Parmigianino - Pembroke, Thomas Herbert - Pembroke, Henry Herbert
    • Date: 1450
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    Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information photograph collection (Library of Congress)
    FSA-OWI photograph collection | Office of War Information photograph collection Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    ca. 107,000 photographic prints : b&w ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller. | ca. 170,000 negatives : nitrate and safety, b&w ; 8x10 in. or smaller. | ca. 1,200 transparencies : nitrate and safety, b&w ; 8x10 in. or smaller. | ca. 1,610 transparencies : color ; 4x5 in. or smaller. | ca. ___ items (text records). | A visual encyclopedia of rural...
    • Contributor: United States. Farm Security Administration - United States. Office of War Information
    • Date: 1935
  • Collection
    Geographic File filing series (Library of Congress) ca. 38,300 items, chiefly photographic and photomechanical prints. | Photographs show structures, cities & towns, countrysides, and people, among other geographically related subjects. In the FOREIGN GEOG FILE the countries of England, France, Germany and Italy are heavily represented. In the U.S. GEOG FILE, California, Massachusetts, New York, particularly New York City, and Virginia are the most heavily represented. The U.S. GEOG FILE --...
    • Date: 1880
  • Collection
    Lamb Studios archive
    Lamb collection Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    PR 13 CN 2003:109 ca. 2,871 drawings : most color ; 30 x 40 in. or smaller (check dimensions) | PR 13 CN 2004:061 ca. 2,921 items. | The Lamb Studios Archive features nearly 2,900 design sketches for stained glass windows, murals, mosaics, furnishings, metalwork, and interior architecture. The drawings are striking watercolors created from the 1860s to the 1990s, primarily for churches, synagogues,...
    • Contributor: J. & R. Lamb Studios
    • Date: 1869
  • Collection
    Look magazine photograph collection (Library of Congress) contact sheets ca. 100,000 photographic prints (ca, 3,500,000 images) ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller. | slides 1,000,000 transparencies : chiefly color slides ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller. | negatives ca. 3,750,000 : chiefly b&w ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller. | miscellaneous prints 150,000 : various sizes. | The photographs depict mid-20th century American life, culture, and interests, as...
    • Contributor: Cowles Communications, Inc
    • Date: 1937
  • Collection
    Lot filing series for groups of photographs, prints, and drawings (Library of Congress) ca. 1,500,000 pictures. | The images include photographs, prints, drawings, and other types of pictures maintained and cataloged as groups to preserve a unity of subject, provenance, or format. The subject matter, creators, and countries represented in the pictures are international in scope with an emphasis on people, places, and events in the United States.
    • Date: 1500
  • Collection
    Popular and applied graphic art print filing series (Library of Congress)
    Historical print collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    ca. 50,000 prints : many color; various sizes. | Collection includes advertisements, calendars, printing specimens, and other visual ephemera. Most items were received through copyright deposit. The subject categories beginning with the letters A through C indicate the range of material: Advertising, African Americans, Airplanes, Allegory, Animals, Architecture, Astronomical, Automobiles, Baseball, Bicycles, Birds, Book jackets, Bridges, Buildings, Calendars, Calligraphy, Cartoons, Certificates, Charts, Children, Christmas,...
    • Date: 1700
  • Collection
    Panoramic photograph filing series (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available ca. 4,250 photographic prints : b&w and some color ; various sizes, most 28 in. long or longer. | ca. 75 photomechanical prints : b&w and some color ; various sizes, most 28 in. long or longer. | Most are panoramic scenes of the United States and over 20 foreign countries, especially views of towns, cities, and tourist locations, with emphasis on California, New...
    • Contributor: Bandholtz, F. J. (Frederick J.) - Haines Photo Co. (Conneaut, Ohio) - Geo. R. Lawrence Co. - Pillsbury Picture Co. - West Coast Art Co.
    • Date: 1851
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    British cartoon prints collection (Library of Congress)
    British cartoon print filing series (Library of Congress) | Cartoon prints collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    ca. 10,000 prints : some hand-colored ; various sizes. | Primarily satirical prints by British artists and/or publishers to highlight the foibles of politically and socially prominent persons. Also includes some Dutch, French, and German cartoons. Frequently depicted are members of Parliament, the royal family, and their mistresses. Also depicted, often in allegories, are symbolic characters such as Britannia, Brother Jonathan, John Bull, and...
    • Date: 1650