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    Cabinet of American illustration collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available 3,966 items : chiefly drawings. | Drawings and other graphic representations by American illustrators for magazines, novels, children's books, and advertisements. Includes literary and editorial cartoons and illustrations, and poster sketches. Images reflect political, social, and economic conditions, domestic and family life, popular culture, and contemporary and historical events. Includes illustrations relating to World War I and the Spanish-American War. The subject headings on...
    • Contributor: Rogers, W. A. (William Allen) - Frost, A. (Arthur Burdett) - Elliott, Elizabeth Shippen Green - Fogarty, Thomas - Herford, Oliver - Steele, Frederic Dorr - Beard, Daniel Carter - Wright, George Hand - Yohn, F. C. (Frederick Coffay) - Smedley, W. T. (William Thomas)
    • Date: 1830
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    Lamb Studios archive
    Lamb collection Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    PR 13 CN 2003:109 ca. 2,871 drawings : most color ; 30 x 40 in. or smaller (check dimensions) | PR 13 CN 2004:061 ca. 2,921 items. | The Lamb Studios Archive features nearly 2,900 design sketches for stained glass windows, murals, mosaics, furnishings, metalwork, and interior architecture. The drawings are striking watercolors created from the 1860s to the 1990s, primarily for churches, synagogues,...
    • Contributor: J. & R. Lamb Studios
    • Date: 1869
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    Magic poster collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available 144 prints (posters) : some b&w, most color ; various sizes. | Posters mainly depict magicians, performing and in portrait. Magicians featured include Herbert Flint, Hardeen, Harry Houdini, Harry Kellar, C.A. George Newmann, Howard Thurston, and others. Images depicted as part of magic acts include devils, skeletons, levitation, decapitations, telepathy, hypnotisms, and crystal balls. Featured magicians not always depicted in image. Some posters are...
    • Contributor: Donaldson Lith. Co. - Strobridge & Co. Lith - Otis Lithograph Co. - National Prtg. & Engr. Co.
    • Date: 1879
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    Minstrel poster collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available 177 prints (posters) : some b&w, most color ; various sizes. | Posters mainly depict minstrels and minstrel companies, performing and in portrait. Minstrels, usually, though not exclusively, performed programs of African-American music, broad comedy and jokes, and African-American impersonations, frequently in blackface. Featured minstrels include Lew Dockstader, Al G. Field, Carroll Johnson, Richard J. José, Ezra Kendall, Chas. H. Larkin, Tom Lewis, George...
    • Contributor: U.S. Printing Co. - Courier Co. Lith. Dpt - Courier Litho. Co. - Otis Lithograph Co. - Strobridge & Co. Lith
    • Date: 1847
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    Theatrical poster collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available 1,784 prints (posters) : some b&w, most color; various sizes. | Collection includes posters advertising individual plays and operettas, burlesque, vaudeville, and specialty acts, dance companies, extravaganzas produced by the Kiralfy Brothers, portraits of entertainers, and stock posters. Featured performers include Julia Arthur, De Wolfe Hopper, Joseph Hart Vaudeville Co., Thomas W. Keene, Andrew Mack, Robert B. Mantell, Mathews & Bulger, Lewis Morrison, Phil...
    • Contributor: Strobridge & Co. Lith - U.S. Lithograph Co. - U.S. Printing Co. - A.S. Seer Print - Metropolitan Litho. Studio - H.C. Miner Litho. Co. - Courier Litho. Co.
    • Date: 1850
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    Presidential File filing series (Library of Congress) 15,000 photographs and prints. | Portraits and other pictures relating to the lives, careers, and families of U.S. presidents, including their homes and birthplaces, friends and associates in group portraits, political campaigns, inaugurations, and statues and cartoons. Most of the portraits depict presidents prior to Harry Truman, with extensive documentation for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
    • Date: 1790
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    Stereograph File filing series (Library of Congress)
    Stereo Collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    ca. 36,000 photographic prints on stereo cards : stereographs ; 5 x 7 in. or smaller. | The STEREO FOREIGN GEOG series has ca. 22,000 views of places, scenes, structures, and people outside of the United States and spanning the entire globe. Countries particularly well represented include Canada, China, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Russia, and Switzerland....
    • Contributor: H.C. White Co - Keystone View Company - International Stereograph Co. - Underwood & Underwood - Rau, William Herman - Singley, L. (Benjamin Lloyd) - American Stereoscopic Company - Strohmeyer & Wyman
    • Date: 1860
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    Chadbourne collection of Japanese prints (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available 181 prints : woodcut, chiefly color. | Collection testifies to Japanese interest in Western dress, manners, and technology, emphasizing foreigners in Japan as well as imagined scenes in places outside Japan. Some depictions of foreign subject matter may be drawn from Western representations. Many portray national "types," including Americans, English, French, Dutch, Russians, and Chinese; their recreational, business, and military activities and their children...
    • Contributor: Utagawa, Sadahide - Utagawa, Yoshitoyo - Chadbourne, E. Crane (Emily Crane) - Utagawa, Kuniteru - Andō, Hiroshige - Utagawa, Yoshitora, Active - Ikkei - Utagawa, Hiroshige - Ochiai, Yoshiiku - Utagawa, Yoshikazu, Active
    • Date: 1801
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    Gottscho-Schleisner Collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available ca. 28,350 negatives : safety film, some nitrate ; 5 x 7 in. (13 x 18 cm.) or smaller. | ca. 300 transparencies : film, color ; 8 x 10 in. (21 x 26 cm.) or smaller. | 11 albums of photographic or photomechanical prints : gelatin silver, some cyanotype, some color ; 16.5 x 14 in. (42 x 35 cm.) or smaller. |...
    • Contributor: Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc - Gottscho, Samuel H. (Samuel Herman) - Schleisner, William H. (William Herman)
    • Date: 1896
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    World's Transportation Commission photograph collection (Library of Congress)
    World Transportation Commission photograph collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    584 slides : glass lantern, 358 hand-colored ; 3.25 x 4 in. | 297 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller. | Collection features views of various types of transportation, such as elephants, horses, sledges, sedan chairs, jinrickishas, and railroads, in North Africa, much of southern and eastern Asia, Australia, Oceania, and Russia. Featured also are various types of...
    • Contributor: Jackson, William Henry
    • Date: 1894
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    Detroit Publishing Company photograph collection (Library of Congress)
    Detroit Photographic Company collection (Library of Congress) Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    ca. 25,000 negatives : glass, b&w ; various sizes, most 8 x 10 in. | ca. 20,000 photographic and photomechanical prints : b&w and some color photochrom, cyanotype ; various sizes, most 8 x 10 in. | ca. 2,900 transparencies : glass and some film, b&w and some color ; various sizes, most 5 x 7 in. | 5 albums (241 photomechanical prints) :...
    • Contributor: Jackson, William Henry - Hart, Edward H. - Detroit Publishing Co. - Johnston, J. S. (John S.) - Byron (Firm : New York, N.Y.) - Glover. L. S. (Lycurgus S.) - Peabody, Henry G. (Henry Greenwood)
    • Date: 1880
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    Photochrom print collection Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available 6,395 photomechanical prints : photochrom, color, some b&w ; 18 x 23 cm. (7 x 9 in.) or smaller. | 13 photomechanical prints (panoramas) : photochrom, color ; 20 x 61 cm. (8 x 24 in.) or smaller. | Photochrom prints show late 19th and early 20th century travel views of Europe and the Middle East, primarily of Eastern and Central European destinations (including...
    • Contributor: Detroit Publishing Co. - Photoglob Co.
    • Date: 1890