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Collection Horydczak Collection


The Horydczak Photograph Collection is organized in three series according to physical format--negatives, transparencies, and prints. Each series has many subseries.

The online collection consists of digital images made from:

  • Safety film negatives--ca. 9,200
    • LC-H812 (5x7 in.): ca. 450
    • LC-H813 (4x5 in.): ca. 765
    • LC-H814 (8x10 in.): ca. 7,975
  • Nitrate film negatives--ca. 3,950
    • LC-H822 (5x7 in.): ca. 575
    • LC-H823 (4x5 in.): ca. 1,010
    • LC-H824 (8x10 in.): ca. 2,350
  • Glass negatives--ca. 260
    • LC-H832 (5x7 in.): 135
    • LC-H833 (4x5 in.): 40
    • LC-H834 (8x10 in.): 90
  • Color transparencies (film, glass, and slides)--ca. 940
    • LC-H8 (8x10 in. and smaller)

In addition, the Library has more than 4,000 photographic prints grouped according to subject matter in LOTs 12090-12119 and LOT 12672. Descriptions are online,

Numbering Codes

To keep track of his work, Horydczak gave a sequential number to the negatives he took for each of his photographic jobs. Later in his career, he selected what he considered the negatives most likely to sell as prints and gave them a new number based on an alphabetical subject classification scheme that he devised. The Library has retained his original numbers as part of the current call numbers. For example, the call numbers for these two cherry blossom photographs indicate their chronological or special subject context

"LC-H814- 1898-002" is negative "2" in job "1898" (taken in 1934) and is an 8x10 in. safety negative
"LC-H812- B05-012" is negative "12" selected for the "cherry blossom" (B05) category and is a 5x7 inch safety negative

Horydczak's logbook, arranged in job number order, provides job titles. Dates and commissioning agents are sometimes included. Multi-volume notebooks provide item numbers, item titles, and some dates for the special subject images with alphanumeric numbers. A set of 5x7 index cards provides access by subject. These materials are in the P&P Supplementary Archives. The logbook is also available on microfilm (LOT 11504).

Subject "Select Image" Categories

Note: Horydczak skipped some numbers. The Library added a "0" for computer filing.

  • A01 Agriculture Dept., U.S.
  • A02 Airport, National<
  • A03 Animals
  • A04 Archives of U.S.
  • A05 Arlington Cemetery
  • A07 Art Gallery
  • A08 Auditorium, Gov. Dept.
  • B01 Birds
  • B05 Blossoms (Cherry)
  • B05 Blossoms (Magnolia) -101 and higher
  • B06 Boats
  • B08 Bridges
  • B09 Bureau of Standards
  • C01 Capitol, U.S. (Exterior, Day)
  • C01 Capitol, U.S. (Night) -100 and higher
  • C01 Capitol, U.S. (Interiors) -200 and higher
  • C01 Capitol, U.S. (Fresco‚Äôs) -300 and higher
  • C01 Capitol, U.S. (Paintings) -500 and higher
  • C04 Cathedral, Wash. (Exterior)
  • C04 Cathedral, Wash. (Interiors) -100 and higher
  • C05 Children
  • C06 Christmas, Trees and Decorations
  • C07 Churches
  • C09 Clouds
  • C10 Commerce Dept.
  • C11 Court, U.S. Supreme (Exterior)
  • C11 Court, U.S. Supreme (Interior) -100 and higher
  • C12 Crowds
  • D01 DAR [Daughters of the American Revolution]
  • E01 Embassies & Legations
  • E02 Emblems & Seals
  • F02 Farming Scenes
  • F03 Federal Reserve
  • F04 Fireworks
  • F05 Fishing
  • F06 Flags
  • F10 Fountains
  • F11 Federal Trade Commission
  • G02 Georgetown University
  • H02 Historical Buildings & Places
  • H03 Historical Houses
  • H04 Hospitals
  • H05 Houses
  • I02 Inauguration of Presidents of United States
  • I04 Interior Dept.
  • I06 Interstate Commerce Commission
  • I07 Indians
  • J02 Jefferson Memorial
  • L01 U.S. Dept. of Labor
  • L03 Library of Congress
  • L03 Library of Congress (Annex) -50 and higher [John Adams Building]
  • L04 Folger Library (Exteriors)
  • L04 Folger Library (Interiors ) -101 and higher
  • L05 Lincoln Memorial
  • L07 Lee Mansion
  • L08 Landscapes
  • L09 Light Houses
  • M01 The Mall
  • M04 Monument, Washington
  • M06 Monuments & Memorials
  • M07 Mount Vernon
  • M08 Smithsonian Institute (Exteriors) [Museum]
  • M08 Smithsonian Institute (Interiors) -50 and higher
  • M09 Monticello
  • M10 Memorial Masonic to George Washington
  • N01 New York
  • P01 Paintings
  • P02 Pan American Union
  • P03 Portraits
  • P04 Pharmaceutical Institute American
  • P05 Pennsylvania
  • R02 Red Cross
  • S02 Science, National Academy of
  • S03 Senate Office Building
  • S06 U.S. State Dept.
  • S07 Statues & Sculpture
  • S07 Statuary & Sculpture -100 and higher
  • S08 Sand Dunes
  • S09 Streets & Avenues
  • T02 Treasury Dept. U.S.
  • T03 Trees
  • T04 Tavern
  • V01 Virginia
  • W03 Washington, D.C.
  • W04 Water Scenes
  • W05 White House (Exteriors)
  • W05 White House (Interiors) -101 and higher