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    Map showing the location of the "Herr" lands, Grant County, W. Va.
    Map showing the location of the "Kerr" coal & timber lands, Grant Co., W. Va.
    Pen-and-ink on 3 separate sheets, taped together along the edge, and mounted between sheets of transparent paper. Pencil (some col.), mounted between sheets of transparent paper. LC Civil War maps (2nd ed.), H322 Includes a geological cross section: Geological section across Upper Potomac Coalfield. In ink and pencil: 982(a), 982(b), 982(c). Available also through the Library of Congress web site as raster image.
    • Contributor: Hotchkiss, Jedediah
    • Date: 1892
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    Hotchkiss Map Collection The Hotchkiss Map Collection contains cartographic items made by Major Jedediah Hotchkiss (1828-1899), a topographic engineer in the Confederate Army. Hotchkiss made detailed battle maps primarily of the Shenandoah Valley, some of which were used by the Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson for their combat planning and strategy. Several of the maps have annotations of various military officers, demonstrating their ...
    • Date: 1828

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    The Hotchkiss Collection of Confederate Maps - Hotchkiss Map Collection - Digital Collections by Clara LeGear Jedediah Hotchkiss was born at Windsor, Broome County, N. Y., November 30, 1828. He was graduated from the Windsor Academy and early showed great interest in botany and in geology. In the winter of 1846-47, he taught school in Lykens Valley near Harrisburg, Pa., in a community where coal mines were being opened. In his spare time, he studied the geology ...