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Collection Indonesian General Election 2009 Web Archive

About this Collection

Collection Period:
March 10, 2009 to October 21, 2009.

This collection of websites documents the Indonesian general elections held in 2009. The collection covers three separate rounds of elections during that year - the parliamentary election held in April, the first round of the presidential election held in April followed by the second/final round of the presidential election in September. As the third most populous democratic country in the world, with population dispersed among many islands and with many different political parties, the collection presents a broad sample of the different points of view presented during the election process. Sites harvested include campaign and party websites and blogs as well as sites with information about bio-marine environment issues, an important Indonesian campaign issue in 2009.

Staff from the Library of Congress Jakarta Office and the Asian Division in Washington, D.C. selected the web sites and reviewed the archived results.

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