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Ordering Copies

With very few exceptions, images from the Look Collection have not been digitized. (Instructions for ordering digitized images are included in the general instructions available when you select the "Obtaining Copies" tab from a catalog record.)

Entire jobs

It is possible to order, through the Library of Congress Duplication Services, copies of all materials from a Look job by citing the job number. Reasons to do so include:

  • Unable to view the materials in person: A researcher unable to visit the P&P Reading Room might order photocopies of all contact sheets for purposes of further selecting individual images to be reproduced
  • Only negatives are available for the job: In order to view images in a job that does not include contact sheets (such jobs will mention only negatives in the MEDIUM field of the catalog record), researchers can order contact sheets of all the negatives from the job. (For more information on this circumstance, see the Access section.)

Individual images

Materials prepared for viewing in the P&P Reading Room have been marked to indicate the reproduction number used for ordering photographic copies of individual images. Published images (photocopies from the magazine pages)
  • Reproduction numbers are recorded beside those images produced by Look.
  • Only those numbers that are followed by the word "color" or "col." can be used to obtain a color reproduction. (Some color images have no color reproduction number because the original color slide or transparency was not in the collection when it was donated to the Library of Congress.)
  • Some images produced by Look have no reproduction number at all; in such cases "no neg." is written beside the image.
  • Because Look often cropped or otherwise altered an image when publishing it, patrons may wish to look at the contact sheet of the black-and-white negatives to see how the image will actually print.
Verso of <cite>Look</cite> contact sheet showing annotation about what negatives are available (detail)
Detail of verso of a Look contact sheet showing annotation about what negatives are available (LOOK Job 59-8405)
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Published and unpublished images on contact sheets

  • Reproduction numbers are recorded on the back of the contact sheet.
  • If one or more images on a contact sheet do not have corresponding negatives, this is indicated on the back of the contact sheet below the stamp. Patrons should be sure to check that there is a negative for the image they wish to have reproduced.
  • When placing orders, patrons should supply a xerox copy of the front and back of the contact sheet and highlight the particular frame they wish to have reproduced.

The various LC-L9... codes that are used to prefix reproduction numbers identify whether it is a black-and-white negative or a color transparency/slide, the film type, and its size.

In general:

If it begins with: It is a:
LC-L9 b&w negative [35mm and 120 size]
LC-L914 b&w negative [4x5 inch or larger size]
LC-L917 b&w copy negative [4x5 inch]
LC-L92, L922, L924, L927 b&w nitrate negative [35mm and larger]
LC-L901 color slide, published [35mm]
LC-L901A color slide, unpublished [35mm]
LC-L901B color slide, unpublished [120 size]
LC-L903 color film negative
LC-L904 film color transparency [larger than 120 size]
LC-L904A film color transparency, unpublished [8x10 inch]
LC-L905 film color transparency [120 size]
LC-L905A color transparencies [unmounted 35 mm and unpublished 120 size]