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    Carte du Missouri : levee ou rectifiée dans toute son etendue Available also through the Library of Congress web site as a raster image.
    • Contributor: Perrin Du Lac, (François Marie) - Perrin Du Lac
    • Date: 1802
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    [Atlas accompanying An account of expeditions to the sources ... "Some copies [of An account] are accompanied by the six maps bound separately." Cf. Sabin 62836. Philips 11024 Copy 1 incomplete: missing all maps, but contains statistical sheets. Copy 2 incomplete: missing Map of Internal Provinces of New Spain. Copy 3 incomplete: missing Map of the Mississippi River. Copy 3 includes "A map of Lewis and Clark's track." Copy 4 incomplete: missing statistical sheets. ...
    • Contributor: Pike, Zebulon Montgomery - Warren, G. K. (Gouverneur Kemble)
    • Date: 1810

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