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Collection Middle East/North Africa Government Institutions Web Archive

About this Collection

An increasing number of government organizations from countries of the Middle East and North Africa are relying on their official websites to disseminate their publications that would have otherwise been available in print format. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is being done for both ease of use, not to mention increased costs of print and production. The core collection websites, coming from Bahrain, Mauritania, Qatar, Turkey and Yemen, represent national financial ministries and banks and are especially valuable as to demonstrate transparency and the conditions in the country/region during a time of global economic change, and, in some cases, while embroiled in conflict. The content preserved is especially valuable for understanding the application of Islamic banking and finance at the national level.

Collection Period: December 2014 to present (this is an ongoing archive).

Frequency of Collection: Sites in the collection were targeted for capture quarterly.

Languages: Collection material in Arabic, English, French, and Turkish.

Acquisition Information: Sites have been added incrementally since the project began and will continue to be added as they are identified.

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