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  • Map
    A map of the land abt. Red Stone and Fort Pitt, Scale ca. 1:600,000. Title from verso. Manuscript, pen-and-ink. Relief shown pictorially. The title, land tract boundaries with owners' initials, and some place names have been identified as annotations by George Washington made ca. 1780. The author and date of the manuscript map is not known; reference sources indicate between 1758 and 1771. Phillips. Maps of America p. 713 LC Maps of North America, 1750-1789,...
    • Contributor: Washington, George - Crawford, William
    • Date: 1780
  • Map
    [Eight survey tracts along the Kanawha River, W.Va. showing land granted to George Washington and others. Scale ca. 1:40,000. Manuscript, pen-and-ink. Imperfect: Deteriorated along old fold lines. Oriented with north toward the lower left. Has watermarks. Individual surveys dated 1771 through 1774, performed by "Mr. Saml. Lewis" and "Wm. Crawford" with the assistance of John Floyd. Authorship of the map as a composite work ascribed to George Washington in Lawrence Martin's The George Washington atlas. LC Maps of North America,...
    • Contributor: Washington, George - Lewis, Samuel - Crawford, William
    • Date: 1774
  • Map
    [Plat of a survey of 2,314 acres of land, being the first large bottom on the east side of the Ohio River, 3 or 4 miles below the mouth, a portion of ... Scale ca. 1:20,000. Title from Lawrence Martin's The George Washington atlas. 1932. Cover title: George Washington; survey of land in Ohio, a grant from the Colony of Virginia to Washington for military services ... Manuscript, pen-and-ink. Oriented with north toward the lower left. Imperfect: Deteriorated along fold lines. LC Maps of North America, 1750-1789, 785 Annotated by George Washington: Patented in the name of...
    • Contributor: Crawford, William - Washington, George
    • Date: 1771