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    Home Sweet Home: Life in Nineteenth-Century Ohio Before the age of radio, television, and other electronic diversions, families made their own entertainment in the home by playing games, reading aloud, performing plays, and, of course, by making music. Children were taught to play the piano and sing from an early age and sheet music was widely available and inexpensive. The whole family participated in the music-making. In this presentation, we focus...
    • Date: 1800

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    James Ramsey Murray (1841-1905) photograph | Murray, head and shoulders portrait Image scanned from page 208 of Biography of gospel song and hymn writers, by Jacob Henry Hall. Photograph (Form).
    • Contributor: Fleming H. Revell - Hall, J. H. (Jacob Henry)
    • Date: 1914
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    Philip Paul Bliss (1838-1876) photograph | Bliss, head and shoulders portrait. Photograph (Form). Photograph (Form).
    • Contributor: Press of Eagle Printing and Binding Co. - Edgerton, W. Rowena
    • Date: 1907