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Collection North Korean Serials

About this Collection

This digital collection presented here makes some of the most sought-after materials in the Library’s North Korean collection available for free. The North Korean Serials digital collection at the Library of Congress continues to expand, with newly digitized content added each month. Once the project is completed in 2024, it will encompass some 320 serial titles and 14,100 issues.

The North Korean serial collection is housed in the Library's Korean collection. Materials are dated as early as 1948—the year the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) was established—and to the present. The collection serves as a vital resource for scholars and policymakers seeking a deeper understanding of the DPRK to inform their work, and its particularly strong coverage of the DPRK's early decades is both rare and noteworthy. The North Korean serials cover various topics and offer insights into multiple facets of the country, including economics, law, politics, military affairs, society, history, agriculture, and education. In addition to their intrinsic value for research, these materials provide crucial historical context for the study of contemporary North Korea. In addition to these serials, the Library of Congress also houses numerous North Korean monographs.

North Korean serials can be different and diverse compared to other publications. Please note that some serial issues are identified by issue number, and some are identified by date.

If you have any questions about the North Korean Serials Digital collection of the Library of Congress, check out the recently launched North Korean Collection: Asian Collections at the Library of Congress or submit a question through our Ask a Librarian service.