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Collection Occupational Folklife Project

Doctoring: The Occupational Folklore of Physicians

In 2019, folklorist Lisa Gabbert received an Archie Green Fellowship from the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress to interview physicians working in a wide variety of medical specialties and document their occupational folklife. Interviewees discuss their training, daily routines, work environments, personal motivations and challenges, and the occupational folklore and humor of their profession. Interviews take place primarily in the Salt Lake City area and involve physicians from diverse backgrounds, genders, and experiences who provide “an inside view of a profession unavailable to most Americans.” Occupational specialists include anesthesiologists; orthopedic, pediatric and general surgeons; oncologists; child and adult psychiatrists; and a cardiologist. The 16 interviews consist of audio interviews and are accompanied by photographs of the interviewees, mostly in their work environments.

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