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Collection Political Islam Web Archive

About this Collection

The Political Islam Web Archive is a collection of websites from Islamic political parties and political Islamist organizations. In Afghanistan, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey, Islamic religious parties already, or increasingly, have a strong influence within the existing political structure. On the other hand, political Islamists, defined as fundamentalist Islamic religious organizations working outside the political and social mainstream, hold strong influence over local, national, or regional political outcomes. Such organizations work as religious foundations, informal nongovernmental organizations, charities, or advocacy organizations.

A snapshot of political parties, as well as their informal counterparts operating as Islamist political movements, will provide researchers with a means to understand the evolution of Islamic political parties and the political Islamists' messaging when more Islamic parties gain national prominence.

Collection Period: March 2013 to May 2015.

Frequency of Collection: The majority of sites in the collection were targeted for capture weekly or monthly, with fewer targeted for capture twice-yearly, yearly, or once.

Languages: Collection material in English, with Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Russian, Persian, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Pushto, and Pashto.