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Jefferson's Inaugural Address on Satin

Speech of Thomas Jefferson, president of the United States, delivered at his instalment, March 4, 1801, at the city of Washington.

This rare satin broadside of Jefferson’s 1801 inaugural address was printed by Matthew Carey in an edition of 89 copies. It is embellished with a portrait of Jefferson at the top, the only known broadside edition to be illustrated thus. Revealing his taste for a bit of elegance, Jefferson wrote to Carey requesting a satin printing of the broadside, a request that was initiated after Carey sent Jefferson a copy of the broadside printed on paper.

The Library of Congress also has a ​paper copy of the original broadside edition of the Jefferson’s 1801 speech, an unrecorded printing that was a gift to the Library from Roscoe Conklin of New York. The visual quality of the 1801 broadside with the portrait of Jefferson at the top makes this a very appealing addition to the iconography of Jefferson at the beginning of his first term.

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