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The Genealogy of Transfigured Wind

Transfigured Wing

During the summer of 2006, composer Roger Reynolds set out to create an illustrated history of the computer components of a series of compositions he entitled Transfigured Wind. This assembly of notes, diagrams, sound recordings and linking commentary reveals the artistic process behind the creation of this complex electroacoustic musical work.

Roger Reynolds provides background on the creation of Transfigured Wind and describes the structure of this genealogy.

I. Sources
Roger Reynolds presents resources that provided him the inspiration for the creation of the Transfigured Wind series, including an earlier flute solo, Ambages.

II. Form and Process
The form of the whole composition is described, as well as the digital signal processing strategies — an abundance of sound examples are included.

III. Computer Cues
A documentation of the planning, structure, and mixing operations necessary to realize the "tape cues." — individual and progressive montages of sound are included.

IV. Combinations and Conclusions
Recordings of two of the Transfigured Wind series are provided in their entirety, aligned with computer cues.