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Collection September 11, 2001 Web Archive

About this Collection

The September 11, 2001 Web Archive preserves the web expressions of individuals, groups, the press and institutions in the United States and from around the world in the aftermath of the attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001. The selected websites are comprised broadly of United States and non-United States government sites; press, corporate/business, portal, charity/civic, advocacy/interest, religious, school/educational, individual/volunteer, professional organizations sites; and others.

Collection Period: September 11, 2001 to December 1, 2001 and September 9, 2002 to September 23, 2002.

Frequency of Collection: Sites in the collection were targeted for capture weekly.

Languages: Collection material in English, with Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Flemish, Arabic, Dutch, Slovak, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Hebrew, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Romanian/Moldavian/Moldovan, Norwegian, Czech, Hindi, Danish, Malay, Armenian, Finnish, Malayalam, Icelandic, Indonesian, Russian, Albanian, and Greek.

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