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    Show Music on Record The recordings listed come from various commercial sound media, from cylinders to CDs and from the 1890s to 2010, including songs from American shows (and of foreign shows that played in America) as performed by members of original, revival, and studio casts. Included are shows produced for the American stage, screen, and television, as well as foreign musical films that played in America. It ...
    • Date: 1888

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    Author's Preface by Jack Raymond - Show Music on Record - Digital Collections How different our perceptions, our attitudes, and indeed our very culture would be if we could turn to the phonograph for the voice of George Washington or Shakespeare. The original Globe Theatre production of Hamlet. The sermons of Christ or Mohammed. Bach playing his organ. In the year 2500, people will be able to listen to speeches by Theodore Roosevelt, but not by Abraham ...
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    Notes on the Terminology - Show Music on Record - Digital Collections Opening Date: For most stage shows, this indicates the opening date in New York or in London, Vienna, Paris, or another foreign capital. If the show did not play in New York or a foreign capital, the opening in another major city is listed. The date chosen is the date of the