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    Folk-songs of the West and South : Negro cowboy and Spanish Californian vocal score | 19 p. ; 35 cm. | De rocks a-renderin' -- Moanin' dove -- The lone prarie -- The hours of grief -- The black face -- Bird dance song. (Content). Songs 1 and 2 "recorded" by Alice Haskell, 3 by Henry. F. Gilbert, 4-6 by Chas. F. Lummis. (General). "Volume IV [Spring Quarter - Part I] No. 27. Harmonized by Arthur ...
    • Contributor: Wa-Wan Press - Farwell, Arthur - Haskell, Alice - Gilbert, Henry F. (Henry Franklin Belknap) - Lummis, Charles Fletcher
    • Date: 1905

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  • Book
    The star spangled banner manuscript | 1 p. | Item contains an autographed manuscript of "The star spangled banner" in a red leather case. Also included are a portrait of Francis Scott Key, a copy of "The Star Spangled Banner (Second session)", an advertisement for the song, a hand-written manuscript, and an article. (Content). Manuscript (Form).
    • Contributor: Key, Francis Scott
    • Date: 1840

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  • Collection
    The Library of Congress Celebrates the Songs of America See and Hear American History Through Song "Know the songs of a country and you will know its history for the true feeling of a people speaks through what they sing." – Preface to The Songs of Henry Clay Work (1884) Listen to the changes in the "Star Spangled Banner" as played by different bands in different eras. Look at the ways in which ...
    • Date: 1581

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