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  • Audio Recording
    Roll the Old Chariot Along and Haul the Woodpile Down Sea shanties recorded by Robert W. Gordon in the San Francisco Bay Area of California in the early 1920s (singers unknown). Gordon Cylinder Collection (cyl.50, CAL 103, CAL 104) sound recording | 1 cylinder. | Gordon Cylinder Collection. (Source). Sea shanties recorded by Robert W. Gordon in the San Francisco Bay Area of California in the early 1920s. (Content). The recording of "Haul the ...
    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Gordon, Robert Winslow
    • Date: 1978
  • Audio Recording
    On the Road to California
    The Buffalo Bulls Fight
    sound recording | 1 sound recording | First published in Library of Congress LP AFS L30 "Songs of the Mormons and Songs of the West," edited by Duncan Emrich. (Bibliographic History). Forms part of the Austin Fife and Alta Fife Collection. (Source). Recorded in 1947. (Date). Recorded in St. George, Utah. (Venue). Sound Recording (Form).
    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Morris, William T. - Fife, Austin E.
    • Date: 1952
  • Audio Recording
    White House Blues
    Buffalo, Buffalo
    sound recording | 1 sound recoding | Forms part of the 1977 Neptune Plaza Concert Series Collection. (Source). April 25, 1977. (Date). Concerns the assasination of President William McKinley in 1901. (Content). The Bluegrass Cardinals, consisting of Don Parmley of Kentucky, his son David Parmley (born in California), and Randy Graham of California, originally formed their group in southern California. They moved to Virginia ...
    • Contributor: Bluegrass Cardinals - Jabbour, Alan - Parmley, David - Parmley, Don - Graham, Randy - Blair, Warren - Davis, John
  • Audio Recording
    Corn Dodgers
    • Contributor: Todd, Charles L. - Sonkin, Robert - Pipkin, Myra
    • Date: 1941-08-26
  • Audio Recording
    • Contributor: Todd, Charles L. - Sonkin, Robert - Pike, Russ
    • Date: 1941-08-28
  • Audio Recording
    Konomihu lullaby Sung by Ellen Brazill Grant. Mrs. Grant, who was born about 1850, was one of the last native speakers of Konomihu. Recorded by Helen Heffron Roberts in Soames Bar, California, in 1926. Helen Heffron Roberts Collection. sound recording | 1 dictaphone cylinder. | Helen Heffron Roberts Collection. (Source). 1926. (Date). Somes Bar, California. (Venue). Sound Recording (Form).
    • Contributor: Grant, Ellen Brazill - Roberts, Helen H. (Helen Heffron)
  • Audio Recording
    Drum Song of Fengyang Sung by a group of men and women, names unknown. In the song, a wife complains that she must beg for money because her husband is lazy and the husband complains that his wife has big feet. Recorded in San Francisco by Chao Rulan and Margaret Speaks, 1943. sound recording | 1 disc. | San Francisco. (Venue). 1943. (Date). Sound Recording (Form).
    • Contributor: Speaks, Margaret - Pian, Chao Rulan
  • Audio Recording
    Complete birth of the cool compact disc | 1 sound disc : digital, mono, 4 3/4 in. | Recorded between Sept. 4, 1948 and Mar. 9, 1950 Copyright EMI Music. Used by permission. (Copyright Notice). 30 second (Extent). excerpt used by permission of the copyright holder. (Standard Restriction). Compact Disc (Form).
    • Contributor: Capitol Jazz - Mulligan, Gerry - Davis, Miles
    • Date: 1998