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  • Audio Recording
    Just a Jitterbug
    • Contributor: Kennedy, Stetson - Cook, Robert Harrison - Griffin, James - Unidentified Performers
    • Date: 1939-08-01
  • Film, Video
    Tancuj, tancuj [illustrated] motion picture | 1 video ; 4 minutes | Matrix: 7817 (Source Note). Recorded on Feb. 25, 1921 (Date). Photos from LOC online collections. (General). Photos used: [Four men and four women in a circle with arms extended toward the center, dancing the Big Apple]( Couple dancing the schottische at a dance during the San Angelo Fat Stock Show. San Angelo, Texas ( -- ...
    • Contributor: Edison Records - Havrilla, Alois
    • Date: 1921
  • Article
    Printable Timeline - The Library of Congress Celebrates the Songs of America - Digital Collections 1900 Songs of America Amy Marcy Cheney Beach sets to music Three Browning Songs, including