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  • Audio Recording
    Come by Here
    sound recording | 1 sound recording | Cylinder recording. Some scratchy sounds. (Source Note). Forms part of the Robert Winslow Gordon Cylinder Recordings Collection. (Source). Recorded in 1926. (Date). This is the first known recording of "Come by Here," a song that came to be known as "Kumbayah." (Content). Sung in "Gullah," or Sea Islands Creole Dialect. (Content). Sound Recording (Form).
    • Contributor: Gordon, Robert Winslow - Wylie, H.
  • Audio Recording
    Jesus Leads Me All the Way Gullah spiritual (ring shout) sung by Reverend Goodwin and the Zion Methodist Church congregation. Recorded by Henrietta Yurchenco in John’s Island, South Carolina, March 29, 1970. Henrietta Yurchenco / John’s Island Collection. sound recording | 1 reel. | Henrietta Yurchenco / John's Island Collection (Source). March 29, 1970. (Date). Recorded by Henrietta Yurchenco in John's Island, South Carolina. Sound Recording (Form).
    • Contributor: Yurchenco, Henrietta - Goodwin - Choir of the Zion Methodist Church
    • Date: 1970
  • Audio Recording
    Finger Ring sound recording | 1 cyl. | Robert Winslow Gordon Cylinder Collection. (Source). April 12, 1926. (Date). Spoken at the end of the recording by Mary C. Mann: This is Miss Roberta Paul's, Paul's "boat song" that I have sung just now—the "Finger Ring." She like that. Sung by Mary C. Mann, Darien, Georgia, Macintosh county, April the twelfth, Nineteen twenty-six. (Content). According to Robert ...
    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Gordon, Robert Winsow - Mann, Mary C.
    • Date: 1978
  • Audio Recording
    Glory to God, My Son's Come Home sound recording | 1 cylinder. | Sung by J. D. Purdy in Gullah dialect. Robert Winslow Gordon Cylinder Collection. (General). Recorded by Robert Winslow Gordon near Darien, Georgia (Venue). Recorded ca. 1926. (Date). This song was published on the Library of Congress long playing record, "Folk-Songs of America: The Robert Winslow Gordon Collection," in 1978, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Archive ...
    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Purdy, J. D. - Gordon, Robert Winslow
    • Date: 1978
  • Film, Video
    The McIntosh County Shouters The McIntosh County Shouters perform ring shouts from Georgia at the Library of Congress, December 2, 2010. videorecording | videorecording ; 57 min | Homegrown Concert Series. (Date). December 2, 2010. (Date). Videorecording (Form).
    • Contributor: Library of Congress - McIntosh County Shouters (Musical Group)
    • Date: 2010
  • Article
    Songs of Immigration and Migration - The Library of Congress Celebrates the Songs of America - Digital Collections As Europeans colonized North America, beginning with the Spanish and French in the 1500s and the British and Dutch in the early 1600s, colonists brought their cultural entertainments along with them. Songs brought to colonial America continued to be sung in their early forms, so that later scholars of songs and ballads, such as the British ethnomusicologist Cecil Sharp and American ballad scholar Francis ...
  • Article
    Printable Timeline - The Library of Congress Celebrates the Songs of America - Digital Collections 1900 Songs of America Amy Marcy Cheney Beach sets to music Three Browning Songs, including
  • Book
    The art of dancing, historically illustrated To which is added a few hints on etiquette; also, the figures, music, and necessary instruction for the performance of the most modern and approved dances, ...
    Art of dancing
    Book. print | xii, 13-181, 103 p. illus. 19 cm. | By Edward Ferrero. (Statement Of Responsibility). Music: 103 pages. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as facsimile page images and full text. (Additional Physical Form). Print (Form). Electronic Resource (Form). Remote (Form). Ferrero Esmeralda.
    • Contributor: The Author - Ferrero, Edward
    • Date: 1859