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Collection The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures

A Drama of the Spanish-American War

Love and War was created to be projected while an accompanying song of the same title was sung. Sheet music was supplied by Edison. This early drama of the war depicted a soldier going to war, fighting bravely, falling in love with a Red Cross nurse, and then returning home victoriously. The print in the Library of Congress is most likely incomplete. The Edison Manufacturing Company catalog described the film as follows:

Picture Songs

We have at last succeeded in perfectly synchronizing music and moving pictures. The following scenes are very carefully chosen to fit the words and the songs, which have been especially composed for these pictures.

Love and War

An illustrated song telling the story of a hero who leaves for the war as a private, is promoted to the rank of captain for bravery in service, meets the girl of his choice, who is a Red Cross nurse on the field, and finally returns home triumphantly as an officer to the father and mother to whom he bade good-by as a private. The film presents this beautiful song picture in six scenes, each of which has a separate song, making the entire series a complete and effective novelty.

"Our hero boy to the war has gone." Words and music.
"What! A letter from home." Words and music.
The battle prayer. "Father, on Thee I Call." Words and music.
"Weeping, Sad and Lonely." Words and music.
The mother's lament. "Come back, my dear boy, to me." Words and music.
When our hero boy comes back again. Hurrah! Hurrah! "Star Spangled Banner." Words and music.

The above scene can be illustrated either by a soloist, quartette or with an orchestra, and with or without stereopticon slides. This series of animated pictures, when properly illustrated or announced by stereoptican reading matter, should make a great success. Length 200 feet, complete with words of song and music. Class A $45.00.


Love and War