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Collection The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures

Final Homecomings

The return of war heroes from the Philippines caused another flurry of homecoming events. The U.S. cruiser Raleigh was the first boat of the Pacific Squadron to visit the U.S. after the war and was filmed by the Edison Company on the Hudson River in April 1899. The Raleigh was famous for having fired the first gun at Manila on August 13.

Admiral Dewey Receiving the Washington and New York Committees. Edison Manufacturing Co. Filmed Sept. 28, 1899. On board the U.S. Olympia, New York Harbor, New York. Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division, Library of Congress.

War hero Admiral George Dewey, famous for his victory at Manila Bay early in the Spanish-American War, was met with great acclaim upon his return. He was first filmed on his trip back to the United States at Gibraltar in early September 1899. The Edison Manufacturing Co. was granted permission to film Dewey meeting with the Committee of Arrangements on board the U.S. cruiser Olympia in New York Harbor on September 28. A naval parade was conducted on September 29, followed by a New York City land parade the next day. The popularity of the admiral was such that an arch was also constructed in his honor.

Return of the "Raleigh"

Dewey Homecoming