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In the Library of Congress

Prints and Photographs Division

Civil War Photographs

More than 3500 glass plate stereo negatives and about 70 paper stereographs documenting the Civil War have been scanned. [ Retrieve] [More information]


The Library's collection includes 29 stereo daguerreotypes. The daguerreotypes are available online. [ Retrieve stereo daguerreotypes]

G. Eric and Edith Matson Collection of Negatives

Stereoscopic views of the Middle East from the are available through that online Matson collection. [ Retrieve]

Lawrence & Houseworth Collection

About 900 photographic prints: Stereographic halves from the series published as Gems of California Scenery, showing major settlements, boom towns, placer and hydraulic mining operations, shipping and transportation routes, and scenic sites in northern California and western Nevada, ca. 1862-1867. [More information]

LOT 2782

30 stereographs: 29 of the White Mountain, New Hampshire, and 1 of the Benjamin Franklin statue in Boston, Massachusetts, mounted in an album by photographer Luther White in 1859. [ Retrieve group record]

LOT 3236

24 stereos mounted on pages: Photographic views at Home and Abroad, taken and published by F. Langenheim, 1856. Includes views of New York City, Philadelphia, Elmira, New York, etc.

In Other Institutions

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George Eastman House
Rochester, NY 14607 External

Access to work by more than 80 stereo photographers and publishers active in the United States and abroad, including George Barnard, J. P. Doremus, E. & H. T. Anthony, H. Jouvin, C. L. Pond, and Carleton Watkins. Includes brief catalog records and digital images of the front of the stereos.

New York Public Library
New York, NY 10018

12,000 photographs of the Mid-Atlantic states New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut from the 1850s to the 1910s, from the Robert N. Dennis Collection of Stereoscopic Views at the New York Public Library. The views show buildings and street scenes in cities, towns, and villages as well as natural landscapes. They also depict agriculture, industry, transportation, homes, businesses, local celebrations, natural disasters, people, and costumes.

Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of American History, Archives Center
Washington, D.C. External (Archives Center) External (Collections database)

The Smithsonian's Archives Center houses multiple stereograph collections, premier among them the Underwood & Underwood Glass Stereograph Collection, consisting of 28,000 glass plate negatives. A catalog with thumbnail image files is available on the World Wide Web.

University of California Riverside/California Museum of Photography
Riverside, CA 92501 External

The University of California Riverside/California Museum of Photography is home to the Keystone-Mast Collection, the archive of the Keystone View Company. The Keystone View Company was based in Meadville, Pennsylvania from 1892 until 1963. The collection consists of 350,000 items including original stereo prints and negatives. A portion of the collection is available online.


Disclaimer The Library of Congress does not maintain these sites. Users should direct concerns about these links to their respective site administrators or webmasters.

Center for Civil War Photography External

National Stereoscopic Association External

The goals of the association are to promote the study, collection and use of stereographs, stereo cameras and related materials; to provide a forum for collectors and students of stereoscopic history; to promote the practice of stereo photography; to encourage the use of stereoscopy in the fields of visual arts and technology and to foster the appreciation of the stereograph as a visual historical record. The organization sponsors an annual meeting and trade fair and publishes the bimonthly journal Stereo World.

Selected Bibliography

General Works

  • An Album of Stereographs: or, "Our Country Victorious and Now a Happy Home." Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1977. Call number: TR780.A4
  • Reproductions of humorous stereographs published by Keystone View Company, B. W. Kilburn, Underwood & Underwood, H. C. White Co., and others. Subjects include courtship, marriage, and family life; children at play, etc.
  • Darrah, William C. The World of Stereographs. Gettysburg, PA: Darrah, 1977. Call number: TR780 .D35 P&P Ref.
  • Indispensable guide to the history of stereographs. Provides information about dating views and the production of stereographs. Extensive geographical and subject guide to stereographs. Also includes a geographical check list of North American stereographers and an alphabetical checklist of stereographers.
  • Darrah, William C. Stereo Views: A History of Stereographs in America and Their Collection. Gettysburg, PA: Times and News Publishing Co., 1964.
    Call number: TR780 .D34 P&P Ref
  • Darrah's first book on the history of stereographs.
  • Norton, Russell. Stereoviews Illustrated. New Haven, CT: Stereoviews Illustrated Press, 1994.
    Call number: E168.N88 1994 Vol. 1
  • A selection of 50 stereoviews from a private collection. Primarily American views dating from 1863 to 1889. Subjects include African Americans, Civil War, the aftermath of natural disasters, gipsy camps, industry, and railroads. Photographers represented include E. & H. T. Anthony, George Barker, J. Freedman, J. Gurney & Son, C. R. Savage, A. J. Russell, and Wilson & Havens.
  • Zeller, Bob. Civil War in Depth: History in 3-D San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1997-2000. 2 volumes. Call number: E468.7 .Z45 1997

Exhibition Catalogs

  • American Stereographs: A Selection from Private Collections. New York, NY: The Gallery, 1980. Call number: TR780.A47
  • Catalog for an exhibition held at the Grey Art Gallery and Study Center at New York University. Text by photography collector Sam Wagstaff. Illustrated with 80 stereographs dating from 1858 through 1910. In addition to popular topics such as Civil War views, geological expeditions, and tourist views, the book also includes many unusual stereos, such as a composite photograph of a lawyer, a male nude with his face covered, and several anonymous views.
  • Earle, Edward W., ed. Points of View: The Stereograph in America -A Cultural History. Rochester, NY: The Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1979. Call number: TR780.P64 P&P Ref
  • Catalog for a traveling exhibition. Bulk of the book contains two chronologies from 1850 to 1914-one covers American social history and popular culture, the other covers the development of the stereograph. Quotes from popular periodicals of the time provide context. Richly illustrated with high quality reproductions. Also includes essays by Howard S. Becker, Thomas Southall, and Harvey Green.
  • Hanging Out: Stereographic Prints from the Collection of Samuel Wagstaff, Jr. at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Providence, RI: Bell Gallery, List Art Center, Brown University, 1984. Call number: TR780.h26 1980z
  • Exhibition catalog illustrated with 50 stereoviews and text by Michael L. Carlebach. Views from the Civil War, geological surveys of the 1870s, Yosemite, the Rocky Mountains, the Adirondacks, and the Hudson River, etc. by Charles Bierstadt, F. J. Haynes, Timothy O'Sullivan, and unidentified photographers.

Price Guides

  • Waldsmith, John. Stereo Views: An Illustrated History & Price Guide. Iola, WI: Krause Publications, 2002. Call number: TR199.W26 2002 P&P Ref
  • More than a price guide, this publication includes a brief history of stereographs, short biographies of the leading stereo photographers and publishers, and a subject guide to collecting stereographs. Also includes other forms of 3-D imagery, such as Tru-View filmstrips and View-Master reels.

Geographically-Oriented Books


  • Burkhart, David. Earthquake Days: The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire in 3-D. San Bruno: Faultline Books, 2005. Call number: F869.S343.B97 2005 P&P Ref
  • Coffee-table book tells the history of the San Francisco earthquake through stereographs and other pictorial materials.
  • Crain, Jim. California in Depth: A Stereoscopic History. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1994. Call number: F862. C72 1994 P&P Ref
  • Includes many California stereoviews, including images of the transcontinental railroad, Yosemite, Native Americans, the Gold Rush and other industries, San Francisco, floods and earthquakes, etc.


  • Hanlin, George R. and Paula Corpuz, eds. Indiana in Stereo: Three Dimensional Views of the Heartland. Indianapolis, Indiana: Historical Society Press, 2003. Call number: F527.I57
  • Heavily illustrated with historical views documenting the Indiana landscape, street scenes, public buildings, events, industries, and portraits. Includes contemporary stereo views by Darryl Jones and a directory of Indiana stereo photographers.


  • Bennett, Mary, and Paul C. Juhl. Iowa Stereographs: Three-dimensional Visions of the Past. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 1997. Call number: F622.B465 1997
  • Heavily illustrated with stereographs of Iowa by a variety of publishers, includes views of the interior and exterior of photographer's studios, other businesses, street scenes, churches, court houses, private residences, Sioux City corn palace, natural disasters, and group portraits, as well as text from 19th century newspapers, county histories, and business directories. Includes a directory of Iowa stereo photographers.

New Hampshire

  • McShane, Linda. "When I wanted the Sun to Shine": Kilburn and Other Littleton, New Hampshire Stereographers. Littleton, NH: L. McSane, 1993. Call number: TR780.M35 1993
  • Discusses stereo-photographers in Littleton, New Hampshire, including the Kilburn Brothers, Franklin Weller, George Aldrich, and the Littleton View Company.

New Jersey

  • Moss, George H., Jr., Double Exposure:Early Stereographic Views of Monmouth County, New Jersey and Their Relationship to Pioneer Photography. Sea Bright, NJ: Ploughshare Press, 1971. Call number: TR780.M64
  • Photographers and publishers of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Stereographs are listed alphabetically along with a list of known stereoviews of the county. Many stereographs are illustrated. This publication also presents brief information about a variety of early 19th century photographic processes.

New York

  • Stiles, Stuart, Jr. Stereoscopic Saratoga Springs: Approaching and Entering the Twentieth Century. Middletown, NY: Stereoview Albums, 1998. Call number: F129.S3 S938 1998
  • 63 stereoviews documenting Saratoga Springs, New York, emphasizing the hotels and springs. Includes unusual views of the toboggan slide and race track. Photographers include: Baker and Record, C. Bierstadt, Alfred S. Campbell, J. S. Johnston.

Individual Stereo Photographers

  • Jeffrey, Ian. An American Journey: The Photographs of William England. Munich; New York: Prestel, 1999. Call number: F120.J44 1999
  • British photographer William England worked for the London Stereoscopic Company. In 1859 he made a series of stereoviews documenting the United States. These were the first commercially distributed views of America offered for sale in Europe. The book includes more than 60 beautifully reproduced plates, which show only one side of the stereo, including New York City, Niagara Falls, White Mountains of New Hampshire and views in Canada.

Publisher Catalogs

  • A Trip Around the World. New York: Underwood & Underwood, 1895. Call number: TR199.U54
  • Describes 72 stereographs, beginning with New York City, followed by views of London, Stockholm, Frankfort, Venice, Jerusalem, Yokohama, Yosemite, Washington, DC, etc.
  • Catalog of Stereographs and Lantern Slides: List of Series and Title List. North Bennington, VT: H. C. White Co., 1907. Call number: TR199.W5
  • The H.C. White Company published stereographs between 1897 and 1912. This catalog lists the various series that the company offered for sale, including views of the United States, Canada, and many foreign countries; prominent people and events; and comic scenes.
  • Ricalton, James. India through the Stereoscope: A Journey Through Hindustan. New York: Underwood & Underwood, 1907. Call number: DS413.R42
  • In-depth information keyed to a set of 100 stereographs of India published by Underwood & Underwood, one of the largest stereo publishing firms in the world.


  • Stereo World. Columbus, Ohio: National Stereoscopic Association. Call number: TR780.S78
  • Published bimonthly by the National Stereoscopic Association since 1974. Good reference source for historical and contemporary 3-D imagery.


  • Stereo Photography: Places and Times Remembered, directed by Pamela Glintenkamp, 1992.
  • Documentary on the history of stereo photography from the Keystone-Mast Collection at the California Museum of Photography. The reminiscences of Keystone View Co. photographer, Philip Brigandi, are featured in this video.

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