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Mystery Stereographs

Please Help Us Solve a Mystery!

Some stereographs have either no associated caption information or very little information. Please help us identify the images displayed below. These selections will change every few months.

If you would like to provide information about an image, please complete our Cataloging Data Suggestion Form.

  • Please include the Digital Id. number (e.g., LC-DIG-ppmsca-08787) of the image with any information you supply.
  • It is also important that you supply your source of information.
  • Changes to the catalog records are made only after verification. You may not see the information you supply reflected in catalog records right away. It usually takes several weeks for changes to appear in the catalog.
  • If you would like your name to appear along with the verified identification on this page, please supply that information in the suggestion form. If you prefer your name be withheld, please indicate that, as well.

Current Mysteries

[Unidentified battleship].
LC-DIG-ppmsca-1s01697 Go to: Cataloging Data Suggestion Form
[Unidentified city or town, aerial view, with mountains in the background ].
Go to: Cataloging Data Suggestion Form

[Unidentified view of a harbor].
Go to: Cataloging Data Suggestion Form