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Collection Theodore Roosevelt: His Life and Times on Film

1919 to 1921

Roosevelt died at Sagamore Hill on January 6, 1919, as a result of a brain aneurism. Many commemorative services took place over the succeeding years, of which the following films contain only a small selection. In addition, notable figures such as Edward, Prince of Wales (later to be King Edward VIII), and King Albert of Belgium paid homage to Roosevelt by visiting his grave. The film President Harding and Calvin Coolidge, taken in 1920, features the first two presidents to serve after Roosevelt's death.

Theodore Roosevelt

Close-up of TR's Grave, 1920

TR's Funeral at Oyster Bay, 1919

[Flag Services for TR at Oyster Bay, October 1919]

Leonard Wood Lays Cornerstone of Roosevelt House, 1921

The Prince of Wales Visits TR's Grave

King Albert of Belgium Visits TR's Grave, October, 1919

RMA Flag Service on the Steps of New York Public Library, 1919.

His Times

President Harding and Calvin Coolidge [1]