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Collection Theodore Roosevelt: His Life and Times on Film

1890 to 1899


  1. 1891

    August 13

    A daughter, Ethel Carow, is born to T. R. and his wife.

  2. 1893

    T. R.'s book The Wilderness Hunter is published.

  3. 1894

    Archibald Bulloch is born to T. R. and his wife.

  4. 1895

    T. R.'s book Hero Tales from American History, written with Henry Cabot Lodge, is published.

    T. R. accepts a post on the Board of Police Commissioners in New York.

  5. 1897

    T. R.'s books American Ideals and Some American Game are published.


    President William McKinley appoints T. R. Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

    November 19

    A son, Quentin, is born to T. R. and his wife.

  6. 1898


    T. R. resigns his post and becomes lieutenant colonel of the first U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment to fight in the Spanish-American War.

    June 22

    T. R. and his "Rough Riders" land at Daiquiri, Cuba.

    June 30

    T. R. given command of the Rough Riders as colonel.

    July 1

    T. R. leads his regiment in a victorious charge up San Juan Hill.

    August 15

    The Rough Riders arrive in Montauk, New York, where a camp is set up to care for the soldiers sick with malaria.

    November 8

    T. R. is elected governor of New York State at the age of forty.

  7. 1899

    T. R.'s book The Rough Riders is published.