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Collection Theodore Roosevelt: His Life and Times on Film

1911 to 1919


  1. 1911

    T. R. becomes a contributing editor for The Outlook magazine.

  2. 1912


    T. R. announces his candidacy for the presidency.


    Despite T. R.'s winning the popular vote in almost every primary election, Republican delegates vote for Taft as their candidate for the presidential election.

    August 5

    The Progressive party, or Bull Moose party, is formed in Chicago, and two days later T. R. accepts its nomination for president.

    October 14

    T. R. is shot in the chest in Milwaukee by John N. Schrank, who opposes third terms for presidents. T. R. continues to give his speech for an hour and a half before seeking medical attention.

    T. R.'s books The Conservation of Womanhood and Childhood and Realizable Ideals are published.


    Woodrow Wilson is elected president.


    T. R. begins work on his Autobiography, some chapters of which are serialized first in The Outlook.

  3. 1913

    T. R.'s books History as Literature and Other Essays and Progressive Principles are published.


    T. R. brings a libel suit against George J. Newett, the editor of Iron Ore, for writing that Roosevelt is a drunk. T. R. wins the suit when Newett cannot produce any witnesses to verify his claim, and Newett apologizes to T. R.


    T. R. goes to South America to deliver lectures.

  4. 1914


    T. R. begins an expedition with Colonel Candido Rondon down the unexplored River of Doubt in Brazil. He becomes gravely ill, but manages to return with his party two months later. The river is renamed Rio Roosevelt or Rio Teodoro.

    May 19

    T. R. returns to New York from South America.

    T. R.'s books Through the Brazilian Wilderness and Life-Histories of African Game Animals (with Edmund Heller) are published.

    August 4

    Germany invades Belgium. T. R. initially supports the president's view of neutrality, but soon begins to lobby for the United States to prepare itself for the eventuality of war.

  5. 1915

    T. R.'s book America and the World War is published.

  6. 1916


    T. R. is nominated by the Progressive party for president, but, surprisingly, he declines.

    T. R.'s books A Book-Lover's Holidays in the Open and Fear God and Take Your Own Part are published.

  7. 1917

    April 2

    Wilson brings a declaration of war against Germany to Congress; the U.S. enters World War I four days later.

    T. R.'s books The Foes of Our Own Household and National Strength and International Duty are published.

    April 10

    T. R. meets with Wilson at the White House and asks to start a volunteer division to fight in Europe, but Wilson rejects the proposal. T. R.'s sons enlist.


    T. R. begins touring the country, urging Americans to buy Liberty Bonds and to support war efforts.

  8. 1918

    T. R.'s book The Great Adventure is published.


    T. R.'s son Quentin is killed when he is shot down behind German lines.

  9. 1919

    January 6

    Theodore Roosevelt dies from an embolism. He is later buried at Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay, New York.