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Collection U.S. Code

About this Collection

The United States Code-- is a compilation of federal statutory law arranged by subject by the House Office of Law Revision Council. Each title in the United States Code corresponds to a subject. For example, title 18 concerns crimes and criminal procedure. 18 U.S.C. § 1 is an example a citation in the Code. 18 indicates the title, U.S.C. is an abbreviation for the United States Code, and 1 is the section number of a particular statute within title 18.

Over the years, the subject associated with certain titles has changed. The list below provides a list of all the subjects that have been associated with a particular title for the editions included in this collection. Currently, a new edition of the Code is printed every six years. Five, annual cumulative supplements are printed in the intervening years. This collection contains editions of the United States Code dating back to the 1925-1926 edition. For more information on sources of federal statutory law, please see Federal Statutes: A Beginner's Guide.