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Collection U.S. Code

About this Collection

The United States Code-- is a compilation of federal statutory law arranged by subject by the House Office of Law Revision Council. Each title in the United States Code corresponds to a subject. For example, title 18 concerns crimes and criminal procedure. 18 U.S.C. § 1 is an example a citation in the Code. 18 indicates the title, U.S.C. is an abbreviation for the United States Code, and 1 is the section number of a particular statute within title 18.

Over the years, the subject associated with certain titles has changed. The list below provides a list of all the subjects that have been associated with a particular title for the editions included in this collection. Currently, a new edition of the Code is printed every six years. Five, annual cumulative supplements are printed in the intervening years. This collection contains editions of the United States Code dating back to the 1925-1926 edition. For more information on sources of federal statutory law, please see the Law Library of Congress blog post, Federal Statutes: A Beginner's Guide.

  • Title 1: General Provisions
  • Title 2: The Congress
  • Title 3: The President
  • Title 4: Flag and Seal, Seat of Government, and the States
  • Title 5: Executive Departments and Government OR Government Organization and Employees
  • Title 6: Official and Penal Bonds OR Surety Bonds
  • Title 7: Agriculture
  • Title 8: Aliens and Citizenship OR Aliens and Nationality
  • Title 9: Arbitration
  • Title 10: Army OR Armed Forces
  • Title 11: Bankruptcy
  • Title 12: Banks and Banking
  • Title 13: Census
  • Title 14: Coast Guard
  • Title 15: Commerce and Trade
  • Title 16: Conservation
  • Title 17: Copyrights
  • Title 18: Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure OR Crimes and Criminal Procedure
  • Title 19: Customs Duties
  • Title 20: Education
  • Title 21: Food and Drugs
  • Title 22: Foreign Relations and Intercourse
  • Title 23: Highways
  • Title 24: Hospitals, Asylums, and Cemeteries OR Hospitals and Asylums
  • Title 25: Indians
  • Title 26: Internal Revenue OR Internal Revenue Code
  • Title 27: Intoxicating Liquors
  • Title 28: Judicial Code and Judiciary OR Judiciary and Judicial Procedure
  • Title 29: Labor
  • Title 30: Mineral Lands and Mining
  • Title 31: Money and Finance
  • Title 32: National Guard
  • Title 33: Navigation and Navigable Waters
  • Title 34: Navy
  • Title 35: Patents
  • Title 36: Patriotic Societies and Observances
  • Title 37: Pay and Allowances (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Coast and Geodetic Survey, and Public Health Service) OR Pay and Allowances of the Uniformed Services
  • Title 38: Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief OR Veterans' Benefits
  • Title 39: The Postal Service OR Postal Service
  • Title 40: Public Buildings, Property, and Works
  • Title 41: Public Contracts
  • Title 42: The Public Health OR The Public Health and Welfare
  • Title 43: Public Lands
  • Title 44: Public Printing and Documents
  • Title 45: Railroads
  • Title 46: Shipping
  • Title 47: Telegraphs, Telephones, and Radio Telegraphs
  • Title 48: Territories and Insular Possessions
  • Title 49: Transportation
  • Title 50: War OR War and National Defense
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