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Collection United States News Web Archive

About this Collection

The United States News Web Archive contains a representative selection of websites based in the U.S. that report news of global, national, regional and local interest. The goal of the collection is to complement the Serial & Government Publications Division’s existing news collections in print, microfilm and digital formats. The collection will also serve to fill gaps in geographical news coverage, including gaps left by print titles that are now only available online. The collection contains born-digital news publications and the websites of news publications that may have various combinations of print and digital formats. News-based websites with paywalls or other subscription requirements are not included in the collection.

Collection Period: June 2014 to present (this is an ongoing archive).

Frequency of Collection: Given the dynamic nature of the 24-hour news cycle of today, these archives are meant to capture as much of the news distribution as possible given current limitations in technology and resources. The majority of sites in the collection were added to crawl weekly, with fewer added to crawl monthly, quarterly or once.

Languages: Collection material is primarily in English but includes multiple languages.

Acquisition Information: Sites have been added incrementally since the project began and will continue to be added as they are identified.