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Collection United States Statutes at Large

About this Collection

The United States Statutes at Large is the collection of every law, public and private, ever enacted by the Congress, published in order of the date of its passage. These laws are codified every six years in the United States Code, but the Statutes at Large remains the official source of legislation. Until 1948, all treaties and international agreements approved by the Senate were also published in the set. In addition, the Statutes at Large includes the text of the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, amendments to the Constitution, treaties with Indians and foreign nations, and presidential proclamations.

A citation to the Statutes at Large - for example "26 Stat. 8 (1890)" - begins with the Volume number (in this example, the citation refers you to Volume 26) and the page number of the Volume (here, page 8). The Statutes at Large is also browseable by session, congress, and date:

For more information on the use of the Statutes at Large, please see the Law Library's research guide "Federal Statutes: A Beginner's Guide."

This collection is in process and will be added to the website soon. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact us at Ask a Librarian for questions.

Volume Congress Dates
Volume 1 1st Congress 1789-1791
Volume 1 2nd Congress 1791-1793
Volume 1 Congress 1794-1795
Volume 1 Congress 1796-1797
Volume 1 Congress 1797-1799
Volume 2 Congress 1799-1801
Volume 2 7th Congress 1802-1803
Volume 2 Congress 1803-1805
Volume 2 9th Congress 1805-1807
Volume 210th Congress1807-1809
Volume 211th Congress1809-1811
Volume 212th Congress1811-1813
Volume 313th Congress1813-1815
Volume 314th Congress1815-1817
Volume 315th Congress1817-1819
Volume 316th Congress1819-1821
Volume 317th Congress1821-1823
Volume 418th Congress1824-1825
Volume 419th Congress1826-1827
Volume 420th Congress1828-1829
Volume 421st Congress1829-1831
Volume 422nd Congress1832-1833
Volume 423rd Congress1834-1835
Volume 524th Congress1836-1837
Volume 525th Congress1837-1839
Volume 526th Congress1840-1841
Volume 527th Congress1841-1843
Volume 528th Congress1844-1845
Volume 929th Congress1845-1847
Volume 930th Congress1848-1849
Volume 931st Congress1850-1851
Volume 1032nd Congress1851-1853
Volume 1033rd Congress1854-1855
Volume 1134th Congress1856-1857
Volume 1135th Congress1857-1859
Volume 1236th Congress1860-1861
Volume 1237th Congress1861-1863
Volume 1338th Congress1864-1865
Volume 1439th Congress1865-1867
Volume 1540th Congress1867-1869
Volume 1641st Congress1869-1871
Volume 1742nd Congress1871-1873
Volume 1843rd Congress1873-1875
Volume 1944th Congress1876-1877
Volume 2045th Congress1877-1879
Volume 2146th Congress1879-1881
Volume 2247th Congress1881-1883
Volume 2348th Congress1884-1885
Volume 2449th Congress1886-1887
Volume 2550th Congress1888-1889
Volume 2651st Congress1890-1891
Volume 2752nd Congress1892-1893
Volume 2853rd Congress1893-1895
Volume 2954th Congress1896-1897
Volume 3055th Congress1897-1899
Volume 3156th Congress1900-1901
Volume 3257th Congress1902-1903
Volume 3358th Congress1903-1904
Volume 3459th Congress1905-1907
Volume 3560th Congress1908-1909
Volume 3661st Congress1909-1911
Volume 3762nd Congress1911-1913
Volume 3863rd Congress1913-1915
Volume 3964th Congress1915-1916
Volume 4065th Congress1917-1919
Volume 4166th Congress1919-1921
Volume 4267th Congress1921-1923
Volume 4368th Congress1923-1925
Volume 4469th Congress1789-1925
Volume 4570th Congress1927-1929
Volume 4671st Congress1929-1931
Volume 4772nd Congress1931-1933
Volume 4873rd Congress1933-1934
Volume 4974th Congress1935-1936
Volume 5075th Congress, Session 11937
Volume 5175th Congress, Session 21937
Volume 5275th Congress, Session 31938
Volume 5376th Congress, Session 11939
Volume 5476th Congress, Sessions 2 and 31939-1941
Volume 5577th Congress, Session 11941-1942
Volume 5677th Congress, Session 21942
Volume 5778th Congress, Session 11943
Volume 5878th Congress, Session 21944
Volume 5979th Congress, Session 11945-1946
Volume 6079th Congress, Session 21946
Volume 6180th Congress, Session 11947
Volume 6280th Congress, Session 21948
Volume 6381st Congress, Session 11949
Volume 6481st Congress, Session 21950-1951
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