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Collection United States Statutes at Large

Acts of Congress

Below is a list of each law passed by the U.S. Congress as found in the U.S. Statutes at Large. The laws are organized by session of Congress, with a notation of which volume of the Statutes at Large they are found in. Within each Congress is a chronological list of each Act, including its title, date of enactment, Chapter number, and a link to the individual law in PDF. This is a work in progress--more Congresses will be added.

Congresses are grouped by volumes and years as below:

Volumes 1-5: 1st-28th Congress (1789-1845)

Volumes 6-8: Compilation volumes (1789-1845)

  • Volume 6: Private Laws and Resolutions
  • Volume 7: Treaties Between the United States and the Indian Tribes
  • Volume 8: Treaties Between the United States and Foreign Nations

Volumes 9-13: 29th-38th Congress (1845-1865)

Volumes 14-18: 39th-43rd Congress (1865-1875)

Volume 18: Compilation volumes, Revised Statutes

Volumes 19-23: 44th-48th Congress (1876-1885)

Volumes 24-28: 49th-53rd Congress (1886-1895)

Volumes 29-33: 54th-58th Congress (1896-1904)

Volumes 34-38: 59th-63rd Congress (1905-1915)

Volumes 39-43: 64th-68th Congress (1915-1925)

Volumes 44-48: 69th-73rd Congress (1925-1934)

Volumes 49-54: 74th-76th Congress (1935-1941)

Volumes 55-60: 77th-79th Congress (1941-1946)

Volumes 61-64: 80th-81st Congress (1947-1951)