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Collection United States Treaties and Other International Agreements

About this Collection

The United States Treaties collection includes the United States Treaty Series (1795-1945) and United States Treaties and Other International Agreements or TIAS (1950-1984). This collection includes treaties to which the United States is or was a party in the agreement.

The U.S. Department of State makes available United States treaties after 1984.

For more information on the use of the United States Treaties, please see the Law Library's research guide "U.S, Treaties: A Beginner's Guide."

This collection is in process and will be added to the website soon. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact us at Ask a Librarian for questions.

United States Treaty Series (1795-1945), compiled by Charles I. Bevans

  • Volume 1 Multilateral treaties (1776-1917)
  • Volume 2 Multilateral treaties (1918-1930)
  • Volume 3 Multilateral treaties (1931-1945)
  • Volume 4 Multilateral treaties (1946-1949)
  • Volume 5 Bilateral treaties (1776-1949; Afghanistan-Burma)
  • Volume 6 Bilateral treaties (1776-1949; Canada-Czechoslovakia)
  • Volume 7 Bilateral treaties (1776-1949; Denmark-France)
  • Volume 8 Bilateral treaties (1776-1949; Germany-Iran)
  • Volume 9 Bilateral treaties (1776-1949; Iraq-Muscat)
  • Volume 10 Bilateral treaties (1776-1949; Nepal-Peru)
  • Volume 11 Bilateral treaties (1776-1949; Philippines-United Arab Republic)
  • Volume 12 Bilateral treaties (1776-1949; United Kingdom-Zanzibar)
  • Volume 13 General Index (1776-1949)

United States Treaties and Other International Agreements (TIAS)