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    Poet at Work: Recovered Notebooks from the Thomas Biggs Harne... This collection offers access to the four Walt Whitman notebooks and his cardboard butterfly that were among 10 notebooks which went missing from the Library of Congress after a 1942 wartime evacuation of treasures. The five items were returned on February 24, 1995, leaving six notebooks remain missing. The Thomas B. Harned collection of the Walt Whitman papers spans the period 1842 to 1937, ...
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    Missing Whitman Notebooks Found in New York - Poet at Work: R... Four of Walt Whitman's early notebooks containing fragments and revisions of the poem
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    The Conservation of Whitman Notebooks - Poet at Work: Recover... Adapted from the Library of Congress Gazette, March 24, 1995 With exception of the first photograph by LC's Photoduplication Service, these photographs were taken by Merrilee Love Oliver. The four Walt Whitman notebooks before restoration begins. Each folio, supported by a piece of spun-bonded polyester, is placed in a water bath to cleanse the paper. One of the leather-bound notebooks had to be taken ...