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Collection Warren G. Harding-Carrie Fulton Phillips Correspondence

Carrie Fulton Phillips Timeline

  • 1873, Sept. 22

    Born, Bucyrus, Ohio

  • 1896

    Married James E. Phillips (died 1939), owner of Ulher & Phillips dry goods store in Marion, Ohio

  • 1897

    Birth of daughter Isabelle

  • 1902

    Birth of son James (died 1904)

  • 1905

    Relationship with Warren G. Harding began

  • 1909, Jan.-Apr.

    Traveled with husband and with Warren G. and Florence Kling Harding to Europe, visiting Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France and Germany

  • 1911, Mar.

    Vacationed with husband and with the Hardings in Bermuda for two weeks

  • 1911, Sept.

    Moved to Berlin, Germany, with daughter Isabelle, who attended school there

  • 1911, Dec.

    Sailed to U.S. to meet Warren G. Harding in New York City; they traveled together to Boston, Mass., and Montreal, Canada; returned to Germany in January 1912

  • 1912, May-June

    Traveled with a group visiting Venice, Italy and Paris, France

  • 1912, Dec.

    Sailed to U.S. to meet Warren G. Harding in New York City; they traveled to Richmond, Va.

  • 1913

    Husband James arrived from Ohio and they traveled that summer with their daughter visiting Italy, Switzerland, England, and Sweden

  • 1914

    With outbreak of the war, left Germany arriving in New York City on July 23 and returned to live in Marion, Ohio

  • 1916

    Made frequent trips to New York City while Isabelle attended school there

  • 1917, Aug.-Sept.

    Spent several weeks with Isabelle in Port Jefferson, Long Island, N.Y., then several weeks in New York City

  • 1918, June

    Met with Harding in northern New York State while he was speaking on the Chautauqua circuit

  • 1920, Sept. 23

    Sailed with husband James E. Phillips for China, Hong Kong, and Japan; they departed Yokohama, Japan, on Dec. 4, bound for Honolulu, Hawaii, and arrived in San Francisco, Calif., on Jan. 18, 1921

  • 1923, July 4

    Sailed to Europe with nephew Thomas Fulton to visit her daughter Isabelle, her grandson William (born 1920), and Isabelle's husband William H. Mathée, who was serving as vice counsel and clerk in Zurich, Switzerland

  • 1925, Mar. 19

    Returned to the United States

  • 1939

    After the death of her husband, continued living in Marion, Ohio, raising German Shepherd dogs

  • 1956

    Moved into a nursing home; her lawyer and guardian, Don Williamson, took possession of the letters

  • 1960, Feb. 3

    Died, Marion, Ohio

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