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Collection Women of Protest: Photographs from the Records of the National Woman's Party

1921 to 1929


  1. 1921


    Last issue of The Suffragist published.

    Feb. 15

    Dedication of Adelaide Johnson's suffrage sculpture, Portrait Monument to Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony, in U.S. Capitol.

    Feb. 15-19

    NWP convention in Washington, D.C., discusses future course for organization. NWP undertakes new campaign to improve women's legal, social, and economic status in United States and world.

    Sept. 23

    Second pageant celebrating 75th anniversary of 1848 Seneca Falls meeting held at Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    Apr. 16

    President Warren G. Harding meets with NWP members regarding equal rights bill.

  2. 1922

    Feb. 27

    U.S. Supreme Court upholds validity of 19th Amendment.

    Sept. 22

    After intense lobbying by NWP, Congress passes Cable Act, preventing American women from losing their citizenship after marrying aliens.

  3. 1923

    Feb. 17

    First issue of Equal Rights published.

    July 20

    At Seneca Falls, New York, NWP celebrates 75th anniversary of first equal rights convention with pageant and pilgrimage to Susan B. Anthony's grave in Rochester. At general conference, Alice Paul presents draft equal rights amendment for delegates' approval.


    Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), drafted by Alice Paul, introduced in Congress.

  4. 1924


    NWP members lobby for ERA at Republican and Democratic national conventions. Both parties reject motions to insert ERA plank in their platforms.


    Women For Congress campaign launched.

  5. 1925

    Feb. 4

    NWP participates in first hearings on ERA before House Judiciary Committee.


    Alice Paul organizes International Advisory Committee of NWP.


    Inter-Parliamentary Union of Women meets in Washington, D.C., for conference organized by NWP to discuss international aspects of feminism.

  6. 1926


    NWP revives Women For Congress campaign.

    May 11-12

    Women For Congress conference held in Baltimore.

    June 5

    NWP denied membership in International Woman Suffrage Alliance.

  7. 1927

    Feb. 15

    NWP deputation meets with President Coolidge.

  8. 1928

    Feb. 18

    NWP assists in establishment of Inter-American Commission of Women (IACW) at Sixth Pan-American Congress in Havana, Cuba.


    At both Republican National Convention in Kansas City and Democratic National Convention in Houston, NWP officers lobby unsuccessfully for ERA planks on platforms.


    IACW representatives in Paris rebuffed in attempt to present equal rights treaty to international delegates assembled to sign Kellogg-Briand Pact. American and British feminists picket conference; arrests and imprisonment generate worldwide publicity.

  9. 1929

    Feb. 1

    NWP members testify at congressional hearings on ERA.

    Apr. 19

    Puerto Rican women granted suffrage subject to literacy testing.


    At Open Door Council meeting in Berlin, NWP members assist in drafting both Charter of Economic Rights for Working Women and Open Door Manifesto.