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  • Book/Printed Material
    Stories from Hans Andersen Hans Christian Andersen (1805-75) is perhaps Denmark's best known author. A prolific writer of plays, novels, travel books, and an autobiography, he is mainly remembered for his 156 fairy tales and stories, among them "The Little Mermaid," "The Ugly Duckling," and "The Emperor's New Clothes." Andersen was born and raised in Odense, the only child of a poor washerwoman and shoemaker. He received little...
    • Contributor: Dulac, Edmund - Juvenile Collection (Library of Congress) - Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian)
    • Date: 1911

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  • Book/Printed Material
    Brochure for White Star Line's Two Ships "Olympic" and "Titanic".
    White Star Line: "Olympic" og "Titanic" hver 45000 tons
    This Danish-language brochure, published in Copenhagen in 1911 or 1912, advertises two ships of the British-owned White Star Line, the Olympic and Titanic. Included are facts about the line and its fleet; information about tickets, timetables, and classes of service; and illustrations of the dining rooms, libraries, cabins, and decks. The brochure lists amenities available to second- and third-class passengers and shows the menus...
    • Contributor: White Star Line
    • Date: 1911-01-01
    • Resource: - 35 pages

  • Map
    Map of the Northern Realms Including the Kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden, Norway.
    Carte des courones du nord qui comprend les royaumes de Danemark, Suede, & Norwege
    This map of the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden is by the French cartographer Guillaume de L'Isle (1675-1726). The son of a geographer, de L'Isle began working in the field of cartography at a young age. In addition to learning from his father, he studied mathematics and astronomy with the Italian astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini (1625-1712). This training led de L'Isle to produce...
    • Contributor: L'isle, Guillaume De
    • Date: 1700-01-01
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  • Map
    Map of Sweden.
    Charta öfwer Swerige
    This map shows the Kingdom of Sweden as it appeared at the end of the 18th century. At the time, the kingdom included present-day Sweden as well as Finland, which, however, was lost to the Russian Empire in 1809. The map is the work of Samuel Gustaf Hermelin (1744-1820), a Swedish industrialist and diplomat who also practiced cartography. Hermelin studied mining at the University...
    • Contributor: Akrel, Fredrik - Hermelin, Samuel Gustaf Benzelstierna
    • Date: 1797-01-01
    • Resource: - 1 page
  • Map
    Map of Greenland.
    Grønlandia Antiqua
    This map of Greenland is by Hans Poulsen Egede (1686--1758), the Norwegian-born Lutheran clergyman and missionary known as the "Apostle of Greenland." Egede made two journeys, in 1723 and in 1724, to explore the west coast of Greenland with the goals of mapping the coastline and obtaining information about the ancient Norse settlements on the island. Egede lived and worked in Greenland from 1721...
    • Contributor: Egede, Hans
    • Date: 1737-01-01
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  • Map
    Map of Denmark from the Atlas "Theatrum orbis terrarum".
    Daniae Regni Typus
    The Flemish scholar and geographer Abraham Ortelius (1527--98) published the first edition of his Theatrum orbis terrarum (Theater of the world) in 1570. Containing 53 maps, each with a detailed commentary, it is considered the first true atlas in the modern sense: a collection of uniform map sheets and accompanying text bound to form a book for which copper printing plates were specifically engraved....
    • Contributor: Ortelius, Abraham - Antoniszoon, Cornelis, Born 1499 - Jordan, Marcus
    • Date: 1570-01-01
    • Resource: - 1 page
  • Map
    New and Detailed Sketch of the Arctic Lands, by Andreas Boreus, the Swede.
    Orbis arctoi nova et accvrata delineatio, Auctore Andrea Bureo Sueco
    Andreas Bureus (1571--1646) is known as the father of Swedish cartography. He embarked upon a career in the Royal Chancellery in 1602 and was entrusted with several important missions in the service of the state. In 1628 he was assigned the task of founding what was to become the Swedish National Land Survey. In 1624 he was made a member of the Swedish nobility...
    • Contributor: Bure, Anders
    • Date: 1626-01-01
    • Resource: - 1 page
  • Map
    North America Polar Regions, Baffin Bay to Lincoln Sea.
    North America Polar Regions Baffin Bay to Lincoln Sea
    This map of the Arctic regions, published in 1903 by the Hydrographic Office of the U.S. Department of the Navy, shows the routes of three 19th-century British and American polar expeditions: the U.S.S. Polaris Expedition in 1871--72, under Captain C.F. Hall; the British Arctic Expedition in 1875--76, under Captain G.S. Nares, Royal Navy; and the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition in 1881--84, under Lieutenant A.W....
    • Contributor: Barnes, R. F. - Noetzel, Gregor - United States. Hydrographic Office. Division of Chart Construction - Southerland, William Henry Hudson
    • Date: 1903-01-01
    • Resource: - 1 page
  • Map
    Nautical Atlas of the World, Folio 2 Recto, Northeastern Atlantic Ocean and Northern Europe and Folio 2 Verso, Central Atlantic Ocean with the Azores. The map presented here is from the Miller Atlas in the collections of the National Library of France. Produced for King Manuel I of Portugal in 1519 by cartographers Pedro Reinel, his son Jorge Reinel, and Lopo Homem and miniaturist António de Holanda, the atlas contains eight maps on six loose sheets, painted on both sides. One side of this map (folio 2 recto...
    • Contributor: Homem, Lopo, Flourished - Manuel I, King of Portugal - Reinel, Jorge, Active 16th Century - Reinel, Pedro, Born Approximately 1464 - Holanda, António De
    • Date: 1519-01-01
    • Resource: - 2 pages

  • Map
    Map of the Russian-Austrian-German Borders Where the Great Battles of the Current European War Are Fought.
    Mappa das fronteiras russo-austro-allemãs onde se travam as grandes batalhas da actual guerra européa
    This map of the eastern front in World War I, probably dating from late 1914, shows the locations of the major battles along the frontiers between the main Central Powers, Germany and Austria-Hungary, and the Russian Empire, a member of the Triple Entente allied with Great Britain and France. The map was published by O Imparcial, a leading Rio de Janeiro newspaper, and reflects...
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    The Fire of the Church of Our Lady.
    Vor Frue Taarns Brand
    This vivid color print shows the burning of the Church of Our Lady, the cathedral of Copenhagen, on the night of September 4--5, 1807, during the Anglo-Danish war of 1807--14. Britain initiated the war in August 1807, after the Danes refused to surrender their fleet, which the British feared would fall into the hands of Napoleonic France. The British landed troops on Danish soil...
    • Contributor: Eckersberg, C. W. (Christoffer Wilhelm) - Lahde, Gerhard Ludvig
    • Date: 1807-01-01
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  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    Bombed Copy of "Defensor pacis". In September 1807, early in the Anglo-Danish War of 1807--14, the British fleet bombarded the city of Copenhagen. Among the buildings struck was the Church of the Holy Trinity, which housed in its attic the University Library of Copenhagen. Some grenades fell through the roof, and this book belonging to the library was among those that were hit. Shown here are the bombed book...
    • Contributor: Marsilius, of Padua, 1342
    • Date: 1522-01-01
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  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    Snapshot from an Airplane: The Harbor of Copenhagen.
    Snapshot fra et Aeroplan: Holmen og Havnen
    This view of Copenhagen harbor is the earliest known Danish aerial photograph. The picture was taken by Holger Damgaard (1870--1945), the first full-time press photographer in Denmark. Damgaard worked for the Danish newspaper Politiken from 1908 until 1940, where he documented a wide variety of events, places, and persons. Aerial photography goes back to the 1850s, when the first photographs were taken from balloons....
    • Contributor: Damgaard, Holger
    • Date: 1913-01-01
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  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    View of Saint Thomas in America with the Citadel Fort Christian.
    Prospect von Sct. Thomas in America -- und Citadelle Christians Fort
    This colored drawing by an anonymous artist is a view of the Danish settlement on the island of Saint Thomas (present-day U.S. Virgin Islands) as it appeared in the 18th century. The settlement was established in 1672 by the Danish West India Company. Denmark claimed the nearby island of Saint John in 1683 and purchased the island of Saint Croix from France in 1733....