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  • Book/Printed Material
    Memoirs of the revolution in Bengal, anno Dom. 1757 : This work by William Watts (active 1737-58) is an account of the Battle of Plassey, which took place on June 23, 1757, near the village of Pâlāshir, some 150 kilometers north of Calcutta (present-day Kolkata). In this decisive encounter, the forces of the British East India Company, under Robert Clive, defeated Siraj Ud Daulah, the last independent Nawab of Bengal. The British victory and...
    • Contributor: Watts, William - Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress) - Campbell, John
    • Date: 1760

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  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Om he āryajanaho! Gorakshaṇa karo, yā peṭakā rakshaṇa karo, kyoṅki (Gāvaḥ pratiṣṭhā bhūtānām) Call for protection of Cows.
    • Contributor: South Asian Rare Book Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1890
    • Resource: - 1 page
  • Book/Printed Material
    Ghāyat al-shuʻūr bi-ḥujaj al-Ḥajj al-mabrūr
    / | ujaj al-Ḥajj | غاية الشعور بحجج الحج المبرور / | Ḥujaj al-Ḥajj
    Written in India by an unknown author in the final decades of the 19th century, Ghāyat al-shuʻūr bi-ḥujaj al-ḥajj al-mabrūr (The utmost knowledge of the arguments for the blessed Hajj) describes the various observances associated with the Hajj pilgrimage. The introduction and the text are written in Arabic, but the main text is in Persian, as are two appended texts (by a different author),...
    • Contributor: Muntaẓir, Munavvar Ḥusayn
    • Date: 1873-01-01

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  • Book/Printed Material
    Monograph on Buddha Sakyamuni's birth-place in the Nepalese tarai In the 1870s, the Archaeological Survey of India undertook a series of expeditions to increase understanding of the early history of India and to further the preservation of important monuments and ruins. In 1896 German archaeologist Alois Anton Führer (1853-1930) received permission from the government of the North-Western Provinces and Oudh and the government of India to carry out an expedition to Nepal. Führer...
    • Contributor: Führer, Alois Anton
    • Date: 1897
    • Resource: - 101 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Our scientific frontier The "scientific frontier" is a term used by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (Lord Beaconsfield) of Great Britain in 1878 to denote a border between British India (in present-day Pakistan) and Afghanistan, which could be occupied and defended according to the requirements of the science of military strategy, as opposed to the existing frontier, which had been formed by a haphazard pattern of British expansion...
    • Contributor: Andrew, W. P. (William Patrick)
    • Date: 1880
    • Resource: - 192 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Afghanistan: The Afghan Committee of the British Parliament was comprised of members of Parliament from all parties who were critical of the Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-80) and the policies that had led to it. The committee issued documents and reports intended to help the public to understand the war and to counter the secrecy with which, in the committee's view, the British government had conducted...
    • Contributor: Arthur, William - Afghan Committee (Great Britain) - Afghan Committee
    • Date: 1879-01-01
    • Resource: - 18 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Ought we to hold Candahar? Also available in digital form on the Library of Congress Web site. digital files not viewed; td12 2013-7-16
    • Contributor: Boulger, Demetrius Charles
    • Date: 1879-01-01
    • Resource: - 32 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    L'Afghanistan. L'Afghanistan: les Russes aux portes de l'Inde (Afghanistan: The Russians at the gates of India) is a comprehensive analysis of Anglo-Russian rivalry in Central Asia in the 19th century. The book is intended to help explain this rivalry to a French audience. The author is Charles Simond, an alias for Paul Adolphe van Cleemputte (1837-1916), a French-Belgian publicist, journalist, and novelist. The book was...
    • Contributor: Simond, Charles
    • Date: 1885-01-01
    • Resource: - 349 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    The retention of Candahar. The Retention of Candahar, published in London in 1881, is typical of the many pamphlets produced in Great Britain as the British Parliament and public debated policy toward Afghanistan in the wake of the Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-80). The war began in November 1878 when the British sent an Anglo-Indian force into Afghanistan with the aim of replacing the Afghan amir, Sher Ali Khan,...
    • Contributor: Derby, Edward Henry Stanley - Liberal Central Association, London
    • Date: 1881-01-01
    • Resource: - 16 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Afghanistan: the buffer state. Afghanistan: The Buffer State. Great Britain and Russia in Central Asia is an overview of Anglo-Russian rivalry and the perceived Russian threat to British India, written by a former officer and Russian-language interpreter in the Indian Army. It is intended as a succinct introduction to a complex subject and provides insight into a certain type of British imperial thinking that prevailed right up until...
    • Contributor: Lyons, Gervais - Hart, Reginald Clare - Lyons, Gervais [i.e. James Gervais]
    • Date: 1910-01-01
    • Resource: - 270 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Russia, India and the Persian Gulf (published as an article in the Asiatic quarterly review for April, 1903)
    • Contributor: Rees, J[Ohn] D[Avid] - Rees, J. D. (John David)
    • Date: 1903
    • Resource: - 46 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Russian projects against India from the czar Peter to General Skobeleff, Henry Sutherland Edwards (1828-1906) was a British author and journalist who over a long career worked in a wide range of genres, producing dramatic pieces, fiction, and serious journalism. In 1856 he went to Russia as correspondent of the Illustrated Times to cover the coronation of Tsar Alexander II. He remained in Moscow to study the language and married the daughter of a Scottish...
    • Contributor: Edwards, H. Sutherland (Henry Sutherland)
    • Date: 1885
    • Resource: - 311 pages

  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    ملفوظات | Malfoozate Teemoor
    Memoirs of Timur originally written in Chagatay, now lost, translated into Persian by the Mughal scholar Abū Ṭālib al-Ḥusaynī. The 14th-century Turkic-Mongol ruler Timur (Tamerlane) wrote a memoir in Chagatai Turkish, the original of which is now lost. The work was intended as a book of advice for princes and rulers and has been given various titles over the years, including, as in this...
    • Contributor: Timur - Abū Ṭālib Al-Ḥusaynī
    • Date: 1851

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  • Book/Printed Material
    Jaz̲b al-qulūb ilá diyār al-maḥbūb
    / | جذب القلوب الى ديار المحبوب /
    Jaz̲b al-qulūb ilá diyār al-maḥbūb (The attraction of hearts to the house of the beloved) by ʻAbd al-Haqq ibn Sayf al-Din Dihlavi (1551-1642) is a work in 17 chapters on the history and lore of the city of Medina. Surpassed only by Mecca in its importance to Muslims, Medina houses the tombs of the Prophet Muhammad and some of his close companions. The Hegira...
    • Contributor: Abd Al-Ḥaqq Ibn Sayf Al-Dīn Dihlavī - ʻabd Al-Ḥaqq Ibn Sayf Al-Dīn Dihlavī
    • Date: 1916-01-01

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  • Book/Printed Material
    Through Persia in disguise; with reminiscences of the Indian mutiny Through Persia in Disguise, with Reminiscences of the Indian Mutiny consists of diary entries written by Charles Edward Stewart, an officer in the Indian Army and later British consul general at Tabriz and at Odessa, edited and published posthumously by members of his family. Part one of the book recounts Stewart's role in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny of 1857 (also known as...
    • Contributor: Stewart, Charles Edward - Stewart, Basil
    • Date: 1911
    • Resource: - 477 pages

  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Maṭlaʻ al-saʻdayn
    مطلع السعدين | Maṭla-us-Saʻdain | Matla-us sudain : history of the period from 704 A.H. to 874 A.H. Starting from the birth of Sultan Abu Saeed Khan and others describing the empires of Iran and Turan
    The first volume of a two volume work which in all covers 170 years. The first volume covers the years from the birth of the last Mongol ruler of Persia Abū Saʻīd (704/1304/5) until the death of Abū S aʻīd, the granson of Tīmūr (807/1405). This manuscript is volume one of Matla us-Sadain wa Majma ul-Baahrain (The rising of the propitious twin stars and...
    • Contributor: ʻabd Al-Razzāq Kamāl Al-Dīn Ibn Isḥāq Al-Samarqandī
    • Date: 18??

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  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Tārīkh-i Nādirī
    تاريخ نادري
    Manuscript is incomplete; text breaks off abruptly at second word of line 5, leaf 257a. Tārīkh-i Nādirī (The history of Nadir) is a historical work that chronicles the political and military career of Nadir Shah, who was born in 1688 and rose to power in Iran during the 1720s; he became shah in 1736. (This work is also known as Jahāngushāy-i Nādirī in reference...
    • Contributor: Munro, Thomas - Mahdī Khān Astarābādī
    • Date: 1760

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  • Book/Printed Material
    Tārīkh-i jahānkushā-yi Nādirī
    / | Tārīkh-i jahāngushā-yi Nādirī | تاريخ جهانکشاى نادرى /
    Historical study of Iran and Afghanistan during the reign of Nādir Shāh, 1688-1747. Tārīkh-i jahānkushā-yi Nādirī (The history of the world-conquering Nāder) is a historical study of Iran and Afghanistan during the reign of Nāder Shah (1736-47), written by a contemporary. Nāder was born in 1688 into a humble pastoral family. He established his reputation as a skilled military commander in fighting with Afghan...
    • Contributor: Ibrāhīm Ibn Nūr Muḥammad - Mahdī Khān Astarābādī - Nūr Al-Dīn Ibn Jīvā Khān
    • Date: 1875-01-01

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  • Book/Printed Material
    The Afghan frontier. George Campbell (1824-92) had a long career as an administrator in India, where he first went in 1843 in the service of the East India Company. He eventually rose to become lieutenant-governor of Bengal (1871-74). Campbell wrote several books about India, where he established a reputation as an administrator who, while paternalistic and authoritarian, was genuinely interested in the welfare of the Indian people....
    • Contributor: Campbell, George
    • Date: 1879-01-01
    • Resource: - 89 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Lettres sur l'Inde; à la frontière afghane James Darmesteter (1849-94) was a great French Iranist who from 1885 occupied the chair of Persian language and literature at the Collège de France in Paris. His major fields of study were Iranian philology and the Zoroastrian religion. His greatest scholarly achievement was his translation of the Avesta, the surviving ancient sacred texts of the Zoroastrians. Darmesteter was also very interested in the language...
    • Contributor: Darmesteter, James
    • Date: 1888
    • Resource: - 398 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Among the wild tribes of the Afghan frontier, a record of sixteen years' close intercourse with the natives of the Indian marches, Among the Wild Tribes of the Afghan Frontier is a first-hand account by Dr. Theodore Leighton Pennell of the 16 years that he spent as a medical missionary at the medical mission station at Bannu (in present-day Pakistan) on the Northwest Frontier of India. The book was first published in 1908; presented here is the fourth edition of 1927. Pennell begins with a chapter...
    • Contributor: Pennell, T. L. (Theodore Leighton)
    • Date: 1927-01-01
    • Resource: - 351 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Southern Afghanistan and the North-west frontier of India Southern Afghanistan and the North-West Frontier of India is a pamphlet containing two separate works, "Southern Afghanistan. The Tal-Chotiali Route," and a paper entitled "The North-West Frontier of India." The first work is a reprint of two articles that appeared originally in Army and Navy Magazine arguing the importance of the Tal-Chotiali route as a link between southern Afghanistan and British India. The author,...
    • Contributor: Vyse, Griffin W.
    • Date: 1881
    • Resource: - 55 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Kitāb-i musammá bi-tārīkh-i Sulṭānī
    / | Tārīkh-i Sulṭānī | Kitāb musammá bi-tārīkh-i Sulṭānī | کتاب مسمى بتاريخ سلطانى /
    Historical study of the Afghan rulers from the beginning of Islam. Tārīkh-i Sulṭānī (The Sulṭānī history) is a historical study of the Afghan people and the rulers of Afghanistan from the beginnings of Islam to the mid-19th century. The work was published as a lithographic print in Bombay (present-day Mumbai) in 1881. This copy has been rebound, with "Ṣaḥāfī Sulṭān Muḥammad, Kabul" gold-stamped on...
    • Contributor: Durrānī, Sulṭān Muḥammad Khān Ibn Mūsá Khān
    • Date: 1881-01-01

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  • Book/Printed Material
    Tāj al-tavārīkh : yaʻnī savāniḥ-i ʻumrī-i aʻláḥaz̤rat Amīr ʻAbd al-Raḥmān Khān vālī-i mamlakat-i khudādād-i Afghānistān
    / | تاج التواريخ : يعنى سوانح عمرى علىحضرت امير عبد الرحمن خان والى مملکت خداداد افغانستان /
    Shown here is volume one of the two-volume Tāj al-Tavārīkh (The crown of histories), which is the autobiography of 'Abd al-Raḥmān Khān, ruler of Afghanistan between 1880 and 1901. After long years in exile in Central Asia, Rahman came to power in Afghanistan with the support of the British, by whom he was later patronized financially, politically, and militarily. He began to suppress various...
    • Contributor: Jaʻfar, Muḥammad - ʻabd Al-Raḥmān Khān - Nukhbah Lārī, Muḥammad Ḥusayn - Abd Al-Raḥmān Khān
    • Date: 1904-01-01

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