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    A memoir of India and Avghanistaun, with observations on the present exciting and critical state and future prospects of those countries ...
    Memoir of India and Afghanistan
    Josiah Harlan (1799-1871) was an adventurer and soldier of fortune who possibly was the first American to travel to Afghanistan. Born in Pennsylvania into a large Quaker family, he went to Asia in 1823, where he found employment as a surgeon with the British East India Company. In 1827 he entered the service of Shah Shooja-ool-Moolk, the former leader of Afghanistan who had been...
    • Contributor: Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress) - Harlan, Josiah
    • Date: 1842
  • Book/Printed Material
    Travels in Arabia, Travels in Arabia provides an overview, intended for a general audience, of the most important European travelers to Arabia in the 18th and 19th centuries. The book was compiled and written by Bayard Taylor (1825-78), an American poet, translator, and travel writer, and first published in 1872. Shown here is a slightly revised and updated edition, published in 1892. Following brief introductory chapters about...
    • Contributor: Taylor, Bayard - Stevens, Thomas
    • Date: 1892
  • Book/Printed Material
    Doing my bit for Ireland, Margaret Skinnider (circa 1893-1971) was born in Scotland to Irish parents. She trained as a teacher and taught mathematics in Glasgow, Scotland, before resigning her position to go to Dublin to take part in the Easter Rising of April 1916. Skinnider's Doing My Bit for Ireland, published in the United States in 1917, is her account of her revolutionary activities in 1915 and 1916....
    • Contributor: Skinnider, Margaret
    • Date: 1917
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    Cabool: a personal narrative of a journey to, and residence in that city, in the years 1836, 7, and 8. Cabool: A Personal Narrative of a Journey to, and Residence in that City, in the Years 1836, 7, and 8 is an account of an 18-month voyage undertaken by Sir Alexander Burnes and three companions by order of the governor-general of India. The purpose of the journey was to survey the Indus River and the territories adjoining it, with the aim of opening up...
    • Contributor: Burnes, Alexander
    • Date: 1843
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  • Book/Printed Material
    Panama and the canal in picture and prose ... Published in 1913, Panama and the Canal in Picture and Prose is a comprehensive overview of Panama and the Panama Canal in the year before it was opened to commerce. Organized in 20 chapters, the book begins with an introductory chapter about Jamaica, "the front door to Panama." Chapters two through six give an overview of the history and geography of Panama. Chapter 15...
    • Contributor: Abbot, Willis John
    • Date: 1913
  • Book/Printed Material
    A voyage round the world : including an embassy to Muscat and Siam in 1835, 1836, and 1837 In 1832, U.S. president Andrew Jackson, acting on the advice of Secretary of the Navy Levi Woodbury, dispatched Edmund Roberts as a "special agent of the government," empowered to negotiate treaties of amity and commerce with countries in Asia. The objective was to expand trade between these countries and the United States. Between early 1832 and May 1834, Roberts circumnavigated the globe. In the...
    • Contributor: Ruschenberger, W. S. W. (William Samuel Waithman) - Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1838
  • Book/Printed Material
    The penetration of Arabia; a record of the development of western knowledge concerning the Arabian Peninsula, David George Hogarth (1862-1927) was a British archaeologist and scholar who between 1887 and 1907 worked on excavations in Cyprus, Greece, and several countries of the Middle East. In 1904 he published The Penetration of Arabia, a work which, as the subtitle indicates, was an attempt to chronicle the growth of Western knowledge about the Arabian Peninsula, rather than a first-hand account based on...
    • Contributor: Hogarth, D. G. (David George)
    • Date: 1904
  • Book/Printed Material
    Arabia. Josiah Conder (1789-1855) was a British publisher and author who wrote or compiled 33 volumes of travel literature about nearly every region of the world, including the Middle East. Conder himself never traveled abroad and composed his works by drawing upon the writings of earlier scholars and explorers. As indicated in the subtitle, Conder organized his book on Arabia into sections. He begins by...
    • Contributor: Conder, Josiah
    • Date: 1833
  • Book/Printed Material
    Tales of the Persian genii, Selected tales retold from: 1. Tales of the genii; or, The delightful lessons of Horam the son of Asmar, translated by J. Ridley. 2. The history of Farrukruz the favourite of fortune, retold from The delight of hearts, by Barkhurdár bin Mahmúd Turkman Faráhí, surnamed Mumtáz, which may be found in its English translation in W. A. Clouston's A group of Eastern romances and...
    • Contributor: Pogány, Willy - Olcott, Frances Jenkins
    • Date: 1919
    • Resource: - 254 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Through the heart of Asia: over the Pamïr to India.
    • Contributor: Bonvalot, Gabriel - Pitman, C.
    • Date: 1889
  • Book/Printed Material
    Relics of the Honourable East India company,
    • Contributor: Foster, William - Birdwood, George C. M. (George Christopher Molesworth) - Griggs, William
    • Date: 1909
    • Resource: - 241 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    The land of Midian (revisited). LAC ael 2019-03-21 update (1 card)
    • Contributor: Burton, Richard Francis
    • Date: 1879
  • Book/Printed Material
    The war and Elizabeth,
    • Contributor: Ward, Humphry
    • Date: 1918
    • Resource: - 350 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    To the Gold Coast for gold; a personal narrative,
    • Contributor: Burton, Richard Francis - Cameron, Verney Lovett
    • Date: 1883
  • Book/Printed Material
    Descriptive sociology;
    • Contributor: Spencer, Herbert
    • Date: 187?
    • Resource: - 94 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Two trips to gorilla land and the cataracts of the Congo. Includes bibliographical references.
    • Contributor: Burton, Richard Francis
    • Date: 1876
  • Book/Printed Material
    The industrial arts of India. "Part II, on The master handicrafts of India, is a reprint, with added text, of a portion of my Handbook to the Indian Court at the Paris International Exhibition of 1878."--v. 1, p. vi. Published for the Committee of Council on Education.
    • Contributor: Birdwood, George C. M. (George Christopher Molesworth)
    • Date: 1880
    • Resource: - 564 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    The inner life of Syria, Palestine, and the Holy Land.
    • Contributor: Burton, Isabel
    • Date: 1875
  • Book/Printed Material
    Arctic explorations: the second Grinnell expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, '54, '55. Added t.-p., engraved. LAC ael 2020-10-27 update (1 card)
    • Contributor: Kane, Elisha Kent - Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1856
  • Book/Printed Material
    The story of extinct civilizations of the East,
    • Contributor: Anderson, Robert E.
    • Date: 1896
    • Resource: - 218 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Flora of Aden Flora of Aden is a botanical catalog of plants found in Aden and vicinity at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. The work appeared in three issues in 1914-16. Despite never having traveled to the region, Father Ethelbert Blatter was able to add 250 plants to the literature of the region's known species. He relied on various herbaria and travel accounts, beginning with...
    • Contributor: Blatter, Ethelbert
    • Date: 1914
  • Book/Printed Material
  • Book/Printed Material
    Goa and the Blue Mountains; or, Six months of sick leave.
    • Contributor: Burton, Richard Francis - Burton, Richard F[Rancis]
    • Date: 1851
    • Resource: - 396 pages