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  • Book/Printed Material
    The Basics of Christianity or a Brief Sacred History, and a Short Catechism. This book is a Bulgarian translation of a work by Filaret, Metropolitan of Moscow, which during the 19th and 20th centuries was one of the officially approved textbooks for use in Bulgarian schools. The work was translated into many languages. Filaret was a reformer of Russian religious education who was instrumental in bringing about a new translation of the Bible into Russian and wrote...
    • Contributor: Gérov, Naïden - Filaret, Metropolitan of Moscow
    • Date: 1843
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    Railroad Station. This view of the first railroad station in Kiev is from Souvenir of Kiev, an early 20th-century album showing the main sites of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and at that time one of the most important cities of the Russian Empire. The station was designed in the old English gothic style by architect Vishnevsky and completed in 1870. It serviced two rail lines,...
    • Date: 1900
  • Book/Printed Material
    The oriental geography of Ebn Haukal, an Arabian traveller of the tenth century. Ascribed by Ouseley in his translation to Muḥammad ibn Ḥauḳal and by Sprenger in the catalogue of his manuscripts (no. 1) to Aḥmad ibn Sahl (Abü Zaid) al-Balkhī. In 921 al-Balkhī wrote a geographical work in which the maps were the important part. Ca. 951, al-Iṣṭakhrī wrote a revision of al-Balkhī's work, commonly known as the "Kitāb al-aḳāiīm," in which he extended the description...
    • Contributor: Ouseley, William - Iṣṭakhrī, Ibrāhīm Ibn Muḥammad - Muḥammad Ibn Ḥauḳal - Balkhī, Aḥmad Ibn Sahl
    • Date: 1800
  • Book/Printed Material
    The Most Memorable Strange Tales Observed from the Birth of Jesus Christ to Our Century.
    Histoires prodigieuses les plus mémorables qui ayent esté observées depuis la nativité de Jésus-Christ jusques à nostre siècle
    After studying law in several French universities, Pierre Boaistuau (1517--66) spent much time travelling throughout Europe in the service of different ambassadors, which gave him the chance to examine the curiosities of the contemporary world. Upon his return to Paris, he wrote and published his complete works in the brief period between 1556 and 1560. His books were the origin of two dominant genres...
    • Contributor: Boaistuau, Pierre, 1566
    • Date: 1560
  • Book/Printed Material
    Robinson the Younger. For the Pleasurable and Useful Entertainment of Children.
    Robinson der Jüngere, zur angenehmen und nützlichen Unterhaltung für Kinder
    In 1720, just a year after its original publication in London, the first German translation of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe was published. The work soon became widely popular. Only a few years later, German "robinsonades," imitation versions of Defoe's novel of shipwreck and survival, appeared on the market. The theologian, educator, and writer Joachim Heinrich Campe produced a two-volume adaptation of Defoe's original book...
    • Contributor: Chodowiecki, Daniel - Kniep, Christoph Heinrich - Stöttrup, Andreas - Campe, Joachim Heinrich - Defoe, Daniel
    • Date: 1779
  • Book/Printed Material
    The story of extinct civilizations of the East,
    • Contributor: Anderson, Robert E.
    • Date: 1896
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    Garden Party at the British Club of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
    Garden Party en el British Club de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    In the early 20th century, the British Club was the center of the social life of the British expatriate community in Gran Canaria, one of the islands in the Canary Islands archipelago. Located next to the Metropole Hotel in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and close to the English (Protestant) Church, it was a place for leisure and recreation as well as for business meetings...
    • Contributor: Nanson, Charles
    • Date: 1896
  • Book/Printed Material
  • Book/Printed Material
    Chronicle of Fredegar. The Chronicle of Fredegar is a compilation by an unknown author, who most likely lived in Burgundy in the seventh century and to whom modern scholars gave the name Fredegar. The compilation is the only source for the history of Gaul in the period after the death of Saint Gregory of Tours (538-94). The author probably completed the work around 660. The manuscript presented...
    • Contributor: Fredegar, Active 7th Century
    • Date: 0600
  • Book/Printed Material
    The Assemblies of al-Hariri. This manuscript preserves what is arguably the most valuable copy in existence of al-Maqāmāt al-ḥarīriyah (The assemblies of al-Hariri). The author, Abu Muhammad al-Qasim ibn 'Ali al-Hariri (1054--1122), was an Arab philologist, poet, and man of letters who was born near Basra in present-day Iraq. He is best known for his maqamat (literally: settings, often translated as assemblies or séances), a collection of 50...
    • Contributor: Wāsiṭī, Yaḥyá Ibn Maḥmūd, Active 13th Century - Ḥarīrī
    • Date: 1236
  • Periodical
    Daily Sketch. The Daily Sketch was a British tabloid newspaper, established in Manchester in 1909 by Sir Edward Hulton (1869--1925), one of the leading newspaper proprietors of his era. Hulton soon moved the paper to London, where it competed with the other leading British tabloid, the Daily Mirror. Like his father Edward Hulton (died 1904), Hulton was an astute entrepreneur who regarded newspaper publishing as primarily...
    • Contributor: Robinson, William Sugden
    • Date: 1915
  • Book/Printed Material
    Kitāb-i baḥr al-favāʼid : Kullīyāt-i Riyāz̤ī : fihrist-i davāzdah kitāb-i dīvān-i Riyāz̤ī, majmūʻah-ʼi kih ānhā mawsūm bi-kitāb-i mustaṭāb Baḥr al-favāʼid ast.
    کتاب بحر الفوائد : کليات رياضى : فهرست دوازده کتاب ديوان رياضى، مجموعۀ که انها موسوم بکتاب مستطاب بحر الفوائد است . | Dīvān-i Riyāz̤ī | Kullīyāt-i Riyāz̤ī
    Historical study of Iran during the Qajar dynasty in 19th century and of Afghanistan during the rules of Shīr ʻAlī Khān, ʻAbdurraḥmān K̲h̲ān̲ and Ḥabīb Allāh Khān. Kullīyāt-i Riyāz̤ī (Riyazi's book, usually known in English as the Collected Works of Ryazi) is a literary-historical work written in a mixture of prose and verse styles and published in a lithographic version in Mashhad, Iran, in...
    • Contributor: Riyāz̤ī Haravī, Muḥammad Yūsuf
    • Date: 1906
  • Book/Printed Material
    Essentials for Cold Damage Disorders and Prescriptions, in Two Juan. Li Cheng, style name Yuji, a physician during the Southern Song dynasty, was a native of Gushu (in present-day Anhui Province). Although he served as a secretary in the cabinet, Li was mainly known for his medical knowledge. He rearranged the work of the Han dynasty physician Zhang Zhongjing (active 168-96), entitled Shang han za bing lun (Treatise on cold pathogens and miscellaneous diseases)....
    • Contributor: LI, Cheng, Active 12th Century - Zhang, Zhongjing, Active 168-196
    • Date: 1171
  • Periodical
    Shams al-nahār. Shams al-nahār (The sun of the day) is the earliest printed periodical published in Afghanistan. The Afghan ruler Sher ʻAlī Khān (reigned 1863-66 and 1868-79) introduced the printing press to Afghanistan following a trip to India, where he appears to have been impressed by technological advances under the British Raj. At least three lithographic presses are known to have been operating in Kabul during...
    • Date: 18??
  • Book/Printed Material
    Gratian's "Decretum".
    Decretum Gratiani
    This deluxe version of Gratian's Decretum was created circa 1280-90, most likely in Hainaut (in present-day Belgium). The lively decoration of the manuscript indicates a marked taste for narrative, and there are 37 historiated initials. The gloss work was completed by Bartholomew of Brescia. At first examination, Paris would seem to be the most likely place of origin, given that it was the leading...
    • Contributor: Bartolomeo, Da Brescia, 1258 - Gratian, Active 12th Century
    • Date: 1280
  • Book/Printed Material
    Saint Jerome's "Instruments of Hieronymus" and other Music Manuscripts. A particular set of colored drawings-the so-called "instruments of Hieronymus"-is often found in portrayals of medieval musical instruments. These drawings go back to this miscellany from the Benedictine abbey of Saint Emmeram in Ratisbon (present-day Regensburg), Bavaria, which comprises several writings on music from the ninth century to the 13th. Executed in Freising in the third quarter of the ninth century, the drawings illustrate...
    • Contributor: Boethius, Anicius Manlius Severinus, Circa 480-524 - Walahfrid Strabo, 807?-849 - Isidore, of Seville, Saint, Died 636 - Pseudo-Jerome - Guido, D'arezzo - Jerome, Saint, Died 419 or 420 - Rabanus Maurus, Archbishop of Mainz, 784?-856
    • Date: 0800
  • Book/Printed Material
    Gospel Commentary. This 20th-century manuscript is one of many copies of the Pušāqā d-ewangelyon qaddišā (Gospel commentary) of Dionysius Bar Salibi (died 1171). Born in Melitene in an area that was sometimes under Turkish control, Bar Salibi became an Assyrian metropolitan bishop. The work is notable for containing named citations of previous Syriac authors. Bar Salibi was very highly regarded and his writing included poems, prayers,...
    • Contributor: Dionysius Bar Ṣalībī, Bishop of Amida, 1171
    • Date: 1941
  • Book/Printed Material
    The Procurator of Judea.
    Le Procurateur de Judée
    Anatole France, born Jacques Anatole François Thibault (1844-1924), was one of the most famous writers of his time. A journalist, prolific author, and member of the Académie Française from 1896, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1921, but since that time he has been somewhat under-recognized. Written in a very classical style but using irony, his Le Procurateur de Judée (The...
    • Contributor: France, Anatole - Grasset, Eugène - Florian, Ernest
    • Date: 1902
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    The University, Kiev. This view of Kiev University of Saint Vladimir (now Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University) is from Souvenir of Kiev, an early 20th-century album showing the main sites of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and at that time one of the most important cities of the Russian Empire. The university was founded in 1834. Alexander V. Beretti, professor of architecture at Saint Petersburg Academy of...
    • Date: 1900
  • Book/Printed Material
    Travels in India, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (1605-89) was one of the most renowned travelers of 17th century Europe. The son of a French Protestant who had fled Antwerp to escape religious persecution, Tavernier was a jewel merchant who between 1632 and 1668 made six voyages to the East. The countries he visited (most more than once) included present-day Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri...
    • Contributor: Crooke, William - Ball, V. (Valentine) - Tavernier, Jean-Baptiste
    • Date: 1925
  • Book/Printed Material
    The Persian Gulf pilot. Imprint varies. Includes vols. of various editions. Issues for 14th ed. (2008-) cataloged as a serial in LC. Kept up to date by supplements. Includes bibliographies. Choice/form AACR2 ea15 6/20/84. Current vols. (2005+) considered as serial due to frequency. db30 2006-08-14
    • Contributor: Great Britain. Hydrographic Department
    • Date: 1864
  • Book/Printed Material
    Flora Arabica. Flora Arabica is a botanical catalog of the plants of the Arabia. The work is in six volumes covering the whole of the Arabian Peninsula: the extra-tropical west, the tropical west, the tropical east, and the extra-tropical east including the Persian Gulf region. The catalog is by Father Ethelbert Blatter, and is largely based on the herbaria of the British Museum, which itself contained...
    • Contributor: Blatter, Ethelbert
    • Date: 1919
  • Book/Printed Material
    Gospel of Saint Mark. This manuscript copy of the Gospel of Saint Mark can be dated to the 18th century. The text is copied clearly and enclosed in a double-lined frame in red. The folios are numbered with Coptic numerals. The manuscript has many marginal notes and Old Testament references in Arabic, with Coptic numerals employed for chapter and verse citations. The marginalia may have been added by...
    • Date: 1700
  • Book/Printed Material
    The Fisher-boy Urashima.
    Fisher-boy Urashima
    This is a chirimen-bon (crepe-paper book), which is a compact watojihon (book bound in a traditional Japanese bookbinding style) containing woodblock-printed pictures and text. It was called a chirimen-bon because the paper was made of chirimen (silk crepe fabric). Published from the middle of the Meiji period until the beginning of the Showa period, chirimen-bon were illustrated translations of Japanese folk stories that originally...
    • Contributor: Kobayashi, Eitaku - Chamberlain, Basil Hall
    • Date: 1886
  • Book/Printed Material
    Life and Deeds of the Cunning Rogue Guzman de Alfarache.
    Vida y hechos del picaro Guzman de Alfarache
    Vida y hechos del picaro Guzman de Alfarache (The life and deeds of the cunning rogue Guzman de Alfarache) is an important early example of the picareseque novel, a fictional genre that developed in Spain and that takes its name from picaro, a Spanish word meaning rogue or rascal. Written more as a moralizing discourse than for amusement, Guzman de Alfarache offers all of...
    • Contributor: Bouttats, Frederik - Bouttats, Gaspard, Born 1640 - Lamorlet, Joseph, Died 1680 - Alemán, Mateo
    • Date: 1681