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  • Book/Printed Material
    Klondike : the Chicago record's book for gold seekers. The Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 began in earnest within 18 months of a major gold strike on Bonanza Creek, a tributary of the Klondike River near Dawson City, Canada. Tens of thousands of prospectors from around the world streamed north to Alaska and the Yukon in a feverish search for fortune. Klondike: The Chicago Record's Book for Gold Seekers was rushed into print...
  • Book/Printed Material
    The preaching of Islam; a history of the propagation of the Muslim faith, The Preaching of Islam: A History of the Propagation of the Muslim Faith is an important early work by the British Orientalist and historian of Islamic art Sir Thomas Walker Arnold (1864-1930). Arnold was born in Devonport, Devon, England, and graduated from Magdalene College, Cambridge. In 1888 he moved to British India, where he taught philosophy at the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College (present-day Aligarh Muslim...
    • Contributor: Arnold, Thomas Walker
    • Date: 1913
    • Resource: - 482 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Arabia; the cradle of Islam; Samuel Zwemer (1867-1952) was an American Protestant missionary who lived for nine years in Bahrain and became a student of the Arab world and, especially, the Arabian Peninsula. Published in New York in 1900, Arabia: The Cradle of Islam contains detailed chapters on the geography of Arabia; the holy cities of Mecca and Medina; the Prophet Muhammad and the rise of Islam; the contemporary...
    • Contributor: Zwemer, Samuel Marinus
    • Date: 1900
    • Resource: - 510 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    The countries and tribes of the Persian Gulf. The Countries and Tribes of the Persian Gulf is a collection of the notes of S.B. Miles, longtime British official in the Persian Gulf generally and Oman in particular. They were compiled and published posthumously, first in 1919, and reprinted several times later. This account of Oman's political history is still widely consulted and quoted. Miles covers pre-Islamic history, pointing out that from the...
    • Contributor: Miles, Samuel Barrett
    • Date: 1919
    • Resource: - 671 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Topsy-turvy land; Samuel Zwemer (1867-1952) was an American missionary who became known as the "Apostle to Islam" for his strenuous if not always successful evangelization efforts in Islamic countries. He attended Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and the New Brunswick Seminary in New Jersey. In 1889 he and a classmate founded the American Arabian Mission, which later received sponsorship from the Reformed Church. The next year...
    • Contributor: Zwemer, Samuel M.
    • Date: 1902
    • Resource: - 136 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    The cradle of the war, The Cradle of the War: The Near East and Pan-Germanism is a study of the origins of World War I. The author, Henry Charles Woods (1881-1939), argues that the main cause of the conflict was "the Pan-German desire for domination from Hamburg to the Persian Gulf." The book offers an overview of political and military developments in the Near East (defined as the Balkan...
    • Contributor: Woods, Henry Charles
    • Date: 1918
    • Resource: - 432 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    'Ventures among the Arabs in desert, tent and town; thirteen years of pioneer missionary life with the Ishma-elites of Moab, Edom and Arabia, Archibald Forder was an American missionary, born in 1863, who worked for 13 years in the Middle East, primarily in Al-Karak in Palestine, at that time part of the Ottoman Empire. 'Ventures among the Arabs is Forder's account of his work and travels in the region. Chapter 12 contains a summary overview of Arabia, with brief treatments of the geography, principal cities, government structures,...
    • Contributor: Forder, Archibald
    • Date: 1905
    • Resource: - 386 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Campaign of the Indus: in a series of letters from an officer of the Bombay division. Campaign of the Indus: In a Series of Letters from an Officer of the Bombay Division is a privately published collection of letters, written by Lieutenant T.W. Holdsworth between November 27, 1838, and April 21, 1840. Holdsworth's division was part of the Anglo-Indian force that invaded Afghanistan during the First Anglo-Afghan War of 1839-42. Most of the letters are addressed to Holdsworth's father, A.H....
    • Contributor: [Holdsworth, T. W. E.] - Holdsworth, Arthur Howe
    • Date: 1840
    • Resource: - 234 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    The strangling of Persia; a story of the European diplomacy and oriental intrigue that resulted in the denationalization of twelve million Mohammedans, a personal narrative, William Morgan Shuster (1877-1960) was an American lawyer and financial expert who served as treasurer general to the government of the Persian Empire in 1911. In 1910, the Persian government asked U.S. president William Howard Taft for technical assistance in reorganizing its financial system. Taft chose Shuster to head a mission of American experts to Tehran. The Strangling of Persia is Shuster's account of...
    • Contributor: Shuster, W. Morgan (William Morgan)
    • Date: 1912
    • Resource: - 502 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    A memoir of India and Avghanistaun, with observations on the present exciting and critical state and future prospects of those countries ...
    Memoir of India and Afghanistan
    Josiah Harlan (1799-1871) was an adventurer and soldier of fortune who possibly was the first American to travel to Afghanistan. Born in Pennsylvania into a large Quaker family, he went to Asia in 1823, where he found employment as a surgeon with the British East India Company. In 1827 he entered the service of Shah Shooja-ool-Moolk, the former leader of Afghanistan who had been...
    • Contributor: Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress) - Harlan, Josiah
    • Date: 1842
    • Resource: - 238 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Arabia. Josiah Conder (1789-1855) was a British publisher and author who wrote or compiled 33 volumes of travel literature about nearly every region of the world, including the Middle East. Conder himself never traveled abroad and composed his works by drawing upon the writings of earlier scholars and explorers. As indicated in the subtitle, Conder organized his book on Arabia into sections. He begins by...
    • Contributor: Conder, Josiah
    • Date: 1833
    • Resource: - 380 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    The penetration of Arabia; a record of the development of western knowledge concerning the Arabian Peninsula, David George Hogarth (1862-1927) was a British archaeologist and scholar who between 1887 and 1907 worked on excavations in Cyprus, Greece, and several countries of the Middle East. In 1904 he published The Penetration of Arabia, a work which, as the subtitle indicates, was an attempt to chronicle the growth of Western knowledge about the Arabian Peninsula, rather than a first-hand account based on...
    • Contributor: Hogarth, D. G. (David George)
    • Date: 1904
    • Resource: - 492 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Through the Brazilian wilderness After failing to win a third term in the elections of 1912, former U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt planned a speaking trip to Argentina and Brazil and a cruise up the Amazon. The government of Brazil suggested that Roosevelt join the famous Brazilian explorer Cândido Rondon in an expedition down the recently discovered River of Doubt. Roosevelt accepted the invitation and, accompanied by his son...
    • Contributor: Roosevelt, Theodore
    • Date: 1914
    • Resource: - 516 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    A voyage round the world : including an embassy to Muscat and Siam in 1835, 1836, and 1837 In 1832, U.S. president Andrew Jackson, acting on the advice of Secretary of the Navy Levi Woodbury, dispatched Edmund Roberts as a "special agent of the government," empowered to negotiate treaties of amity and commerce with countries in Asia. The objective was to expand trade between these countries and the United States. Between early 1832 and May 1834, Roberts circumnavigated the globe. In the...
    • Contributor: Ruschenberger, W. S. W. (William Samuel Waithman) - Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1838
    • Resource: - 568 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Annals of 'Oman, Annals of Oman to 1728 is a translation into English of the portions dealing with the history of Oman of a much longer work on Islamic history by Sihan ibn Saʻid al-Izkiwi entitled Kashf al-ghummah al-jāmiʻ li-akhbār al-ummah (Removing consternation: Compilation of the history of the nation). The work in its entirety covers seven volumes in the published edition. The translator is Charles Edward...
    • Contributor: Sirḥān Ibn Saʻīd Ibn Sirḥān. - Ross, Edward Charles
    • Date: 1874
    • Resource: - 125 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Panama and the canal in picture and prose ... Published in 1913, Panama and the Canal in Picture and Prose is a comprehensive overview of Panama and the Panama Canal in the year before it was opened to commerce. Organized in 20 chapters, the book begins with an introductory chapter about Jamaica, "the front door to Panama." Chapters two through six give an overview of the history and geography of Panama. Chapter 15...
    • Contributor: Abbot, Willis John
    • Date: 1913
    • Resource: - 468 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Central Asian questions; Demetrius Charles Boulger (1853-1928) was a British orientalist who wrote prolifically on topics mainly related to the British Empire. With Sir Lepel Henry Griffin (1840-1908), a British administrator in India, he co-founded the Asiatic Quarterly Review, which he edited for a time. An unapologetic imperialist with strongly anti-Russian views, Boulger criticized the British government for its lack of assertiveness, as he saw it, in...
    • Contributor: Boulger, Demetrius Charles
    • Date: 1885
    • Resource: - 481 pages
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  • Book/Printed Material
    The inner life of Syria, Palestine, and the Holy Land.
    • Contributor: Burton, Isabel
    • Date: 1875
  • Book/Printed Material
    The bondage and travels of Johann Schiltberger : a native of Bavaria, in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 1396-1427 On spine: Travels of Schiltberger. Translation of: Reisen in Europa, Asien, und Afrika von 1394-1427. Includes bibliographical references (p. [vii]-xiv) and index.
    • Contributor: Schiltberger, Johannes
    • Date: 1879
    • Resource: - 337 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    The Arab of Mesopotamia. "A series of brief essays on subjects relating to Mesopotamia, written during 1916, by persons with special knowledge of the subjects dealt with."--Pref. "Asiatic Turkey, by Gertrude Lowthian Bell": p. [101]-202.
    • Contributor: Bell, Gertrude Lowthian
    • Date: 1917
    • Resource: - 220 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Report of the Committee on Mobilization of High School Boys for farm service to the executive committee, Massachusetts Committee on Public Safety, October 1, 1917 ... Frank V. Thompson, chairman. The report was prepared by Messrs. Thompson, Hamilton, and Dow.
    • Contributor: Thompson, Frank V. (Frank Victor) - Massachusetts. Committee on Public Safety. Committee on Mobilization of School Boys
    • Date: 1917
    • Resource: - 71 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    The desert campaigns,
    • Contributor: Massey, W. T. (William Thomas) - Massey, William Thomas
    • Date: 1918
    • Resource: - 257 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Problems of the Middle East,
    • Contributor: Hamilton, A. (Angus)
    • Date: 1909
    • Resource: - 522 pages
  • Book/Printed Material
    Women at the Hague; the International congress of women and its results,
    • Contributor: National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection (Library of Congress) - Hamilton, Alice - Catt, Carrie Chapman - Addams, Jane - Balch, Emily Greene
    • Date: 1915
    • Resource: - 198 pages