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William Henry Jackson (1843-1942): Career Chronology

The following chronology highlights Jackson's career and some key events in the history of photography.

  • 1839

    Invention of photography.

  • 1843

    William Henry Jackson born in Keeseville, New York.

  • 1851

    Collodion wet-plate glass negatives introduced.

  • 1867

    Jackson opens a photography studio in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • 1870-1878

    Jackson begins photographing the landscape of the Rockies, especially the Yellowstone area and Colorado, for Francis V. Hayden's Geological and Geographic Survey of the Territories.

  • 1879

    Gelatin dry plates become commercially available in the United States.

    Jackson opens a photography studio in Denver.

  • 1889

    Eastman begins production of nitro-cellulose film.

  • 1890-1892

    Jackson photographs for various railroad lines, including the Mexican Central, Baltimore & Ohio, and New York Central, using 18x22-inch glass plate negatives.

  • 1893

    Jackson's photographs commissioned by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad are exhibited at the World's Columbian Exposition.

  • 1894-1896

    Jackson photographs for the World's Transportation Commission.

  • 1897-1924

    Jackson joins the Detroit Photographic Company. His negatives become the basis for the Company's postcard and photographic view business.

  • 1942

    Jackson dies in New York City.

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